Red Letter Day

So, my drinks last Friday after work started before 5pm. They gave me a bottle of red wine and a pair of toe socks with monkeys on them with speech bubbles saying “ask me if I care” and a Whitcholls voucher which I have now lost. The giant card said “we took a poll and 90% of us are going to miss you” which made me figuratively piss my panties. Dusty said he was unaware of any controversy before he bought it, which makes it even funnier. No one from upstairs that I didn’t like was present, so it was great. We ran out of booze and by that stage the prez was drunk so he was happy to authorise the accountant to put someone in a taxi to go and get more. Hurray! I had great chats to many people and I’m going to miss some of them quite a lot. How cool were those presents – and more importantly, how appropriate to me were they? SO GOOD. Around midnight though I realised that we’d left work and were now at someone’s house nearby and I thought it might be a wise idea if I went home. I don’t know why I had leaves in my handbag the next day though. Plus I didn’t get to have sex in my office before I left – but I still have the key….

Saturday I slept through – when I wasn’t puking in my wastepaper basket, that is.

Sunday I had brunch with Karen at the Brooklyn Bakery, and started writing my Butch Vig story, as well as watching a large chunk of Buffy 7.

Monday was my first proper day of unemployment, but I spent it finishing my Butch Vig piece (stupid working harder than I worked at work when I’m not working), and drooling over the box of Angel 5 that arrived, and crying at the last bits of Buffy 7. I also told a woman who rang me to ask if it was okay to check my references, and I told her that actually, I didn’t think I’d be a good fit for her organisation.

Today a package arrived from Ezibuy that for the first time is going to put Mary-Kate on equal footing with Ashley. She’s fucking stoked, let me tell you. And then I got a phone call from the woman I had my second interview with last Wednesday, and she offered me the position, and I accepted, and well, I’m quite excited really. Plus, 10k salary jump. Woo!

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