The Cutest Email EVER

Dear Ladies,

I am alright!Feeling well at the moment.I read in the email of Joanna, that you all want to take me out for an exclusive Luncheon?How sweet to spoil an old Lady this way. But may I suggest another way to celebrate my 85 birthday?
Way not have a try in a exclusive Restaurant ,Place (Oma’s House).
There will be a choise of diffirent menu’s :

Dutch food:
Pea Soup
Red Cabbage,potatoes,meat stewed
Sauerkraut,potatoes rookworst
Kale, potatoes, sausages

Indonesian food :
Rice with some special dishes
Nasi Goreng(Ind fried rice.)
Banan frittes,

Chinese food:
Bami (noodles).
Rice with foe yoeng hai.
Wontong soup.

Japanese food:
Miso soup + Tempura
Japanese style stew,seafood and vegetables
Boiled right at the table
Sukiyaki, meat, tofu,vegetables
Also boiled right at the table.

And ofcourse there will be Fondue Bourginon.
Chilli con carne,
Or just a quich wih asperges and ham.

Well what do you think.
You can make a choise, but please all three the same
of an menu

And if you like a bit of wine with the food, let me know what sort of wine the ladies are drinking.

And ofcourse when you are not to tired from eating, you can take all the furniture out of the garage.

So how do you like my suggestion? OK.But let me know as soon as possible. The old Lady has to do the shopping, Hobbeling through Pack and Save.
And to prepere a good meal for Very Important takessome time.

And don’t forget to tell me at what time you are out of your bed and will arrive here at the gate, so I can open the gate for you.

I am really very happy to see you all here,I haven’t seen you for a lomg time.

Bring only a pretty face because you are all glad to see me.
RIGHT! Kiss for you .Love OMA

Sorry for mistakes, I did my best to right correct English

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