My Silver Birthday Anniversary Wishlist

So I have no doubt that right now you’re all “fuck! It’s Jo’s birthday in less than ten days (on June 17th) and I must buy her presents! I wonder what she would like?”

I, of course, would like to take the stress out of your lives, so here’s what I’d like. You may notice some similarities to my Xmas wishlist:
– a thick long scarf either in a chunky texture or short stripes.
– Bed linen. Bright colours and queen-sized please.
– New shoes – chuck taylor lowtops (in a converse size 9) or Super Birkis in a 42 – metallic or bright green or purple please.
– Accessories.
– Magazine subscriptions to anything and everything.
– Online subscriptions to Nerve and Salon.
The Breakfast Club on DVD. Make it exist. Also Garden State, season two of Twin Peaks (which isn’t out yet, as far as I know), Scrubs, My Neighbor Totoro and anythign else.
– dark coloured lipgloss
– A cellphone that’s pxt and polyphonic capable – I’d prefer a nokia.
– Things from my smokecds wishlist
– anything you’ve handmade for me – zines, mix cds, artwork, whatever.
– eatible and drinkables
– bathroom products.
– ps2, eye toy, sing star and dancing mat. Also the Buffy game and Tekken but I promise not to play them so much cos of the wrist thing.

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