You weren’t much of a muse, but I wasn’t much of a poet

Hi! I’m back from Rarotonga. Here are some things I have to tell you:

1. If you’re interested, you can find the start of Penny and Kevin’s relationship covered in New Idea this week (with the “Charlotte Fights to Live” cover which unfortunately isn’t about Dawson). They’re on page 32 34. The article is called ‘Chamber of Love’. The reporter and her mother were at the wedding to cover it. I will write about it later when I have my photos downloaded. Suffice to say, it was beautiful and wonderful and awww.

2. In theory, I should call her “Hoyle” instead of “Penny” now, but then again, I never called her “Penney” anyways, so why change?

3. It rained every single day in Rarotonga and didn’t go over 20 degrees. I still had fun.

4. I just bought my ticket to Shihad for Saturday. I thought they were in a couple of weeks time. I’m bummed that Dave can’t go because introducing English people to Shihad is top of my list of favourite things to do. Nevertheless, I have been listening to the one Die! Die! Die! track that I have on the server lots today because it is really great. I didn’t like them so much in Martina’s ridiculously crowded apartment, but I am digging them now.

5. Speaking of that party, I really must text back my old Volcanic flatmate Dan who is apparently in Wellington this week and wants to catch up. I’m a little surprised that he still keeps in touch – I would have thought that conflicting values of him and the combination of me in an active period of gentlemen callers and Jonny in his usual lifestyle that were probably factors in Dan moving out might have meant that we’d never have kept in touch, but obviously he is much less judgemental than I am, which is a good thing.

6. My couches have arrived. I am hoping to have a lengthy date with them and Season One Seth Cohen and possibly Katy and definitely lots of junk food on the weekend.

7. Via Mr Russell Brown at Public Address, I am reading the blog of a sex offender, who complains bitterly about being persecuted all the time, but who has now been jailed for abducting a little girl and killing her family. I can’t stop reading it, although it’s making me think all kinds of uncomfortable thoughts about things that I haven’t decided what my opinion is on yet. Like, vigilant hounding mobs are bad, but also, so is rape and abduction and murder. Right, okay, so obviously I do have some opinions, but they’re very Miss America like in their simplicity. I’d like the whole world to hold hands, because you can’t make a fist when you’re holding hands. Etc.

8. Speaking of Public Address, has anyone else read the Metro article yet – or more specifically the sidebar of interchanges between him and Dog Biting Men? See, this is why I hate people who willingly attach the name “blogger” to themselves. Keep the circle jerk in your pants, boys. There’s more important things in the world to talk about – like how you’re oh so depressed. And how much better than Fiona Jackie Clarke is. Journaller fo’ life, fo’ reals yo.

9. I have a buttload of writing and reviewing to do before tomorrow at home (*), and also a lot of work to do at work. So I might go and do that now then shall I? Okay.

10. Oh but before I do, are there any websites that you read that are just so horrible you want to punch the people who write them in the face every single time their page loads – and yet you still can’t stop reading them? Can you please tell me about them? You can do so on the secret footnotes page if you want to remain semi-anonymous.

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