Labouring Day

Okay, I have a lot more work to do that I really should get around to doing (damn you, Julie/Julia blog!), so I’ll do a bullet points update. That’s okay with everyone, right?

  • Please come to this:

    Truth be told, I kind of wish that it was Sunday and that it was over already, or perhaps the Saturday afterwards so I wouldn’t have any more “Oh, how was your party? Sorry I couldn’t make it” type smalltalk to make. I haven’t had a big successful party in Wellington EVER. Trying to have one is making me a little crazy. I am terrified of no one showing up except for a few suckers who have to try to put on a brave face and me wanting the floor to open up and swallow me before getting too drunk and abusive at the people who actually made an effort. That said, there’ll be great music and snacks and atmosphere, and costumes, and so please, do come along. If you don’t have my address and you’re not a Level 2 Hubrette and therefore able to read the secret footnotes that have my address in them, just drop me an email – anything @ hubris co nz – and I’ll tell you where it is and that will be choice okay rock.

  • Thanks to the ridiculously hott boys in The Edukators I have decided that I will buy No Sweat shoes instead once my chucks finally give up the last gasp of ghost that they have left in them, which won’t be long given that they are only held together by their stench right about now. Yum. The other thing that was they played song association in it, and by virtue of a) being raised on tracks “Greatest hits of 1985” records that my parents brought in Germany when we were living there (which featured Nena, amongst other songs sung in German) and b) having Anji tell me about the joke beforehand, I was able to laugh when they talked about “Tausend-und-eine nacht”. Okay, no one else will get this paragraph. Nevermind.

  • Anji and I – but mostly me – went homeware crazy on the weekend, during a very pleasant drive out to Lyall Bay (which coupled well with what I’d said to my workmates on Friday night when we were having some jugs – “I had my first ever pash at the house of the bar manager here” – since that was the last time that I went to Lyall Bay, to the best of my knowledge). I bought tealight holders galore along with little candle lanterns at the warehouse, and we spent aaaaaaaaaaaaaages trying to choose wine glasses (we’d gone to the ware whare with the intention of purchasing a box of 18, but since they didn’t have those, we got six very large ones and two very large ones in a different shape) along with assorted tumblers destined for gingerbeer & vodka and handtowels at Briscoes. I agonized over bed linen and ended up getting some at Spotlight the next day. We also had lunch at The Empire – the new/old movie theatre in Island Bay, except that my friend who works there had the day off. Nevertheless, their gelati is fucking OMG mouth explosion.

  • Speaking of fucking OMG, Miss Lisa Fur had sought shelter at my house on Saturday night, and after Moulin Rouge she was like “It’d be so cool if you had Spiceworld” so I was like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and nearly fell to my knees to perform cunnilinguis on her, but since I was not sure about the spelling, I instead got out the video and we watched it together and it was great. 27 times and counting and it still feels fresh. And now I hear that Ginger Spice is preggers? Woah!

  • And speaking of fucking brilliant rock star biographies, I got sunburnt on Saturday sitting outside reading The Dirt again. I still want to fuck Motley Crue. I’d even take the time out to learn how to umlaut their name if they’d just umlaut me.

  • Oh that’s right, the umlaut made me remember that after Anji and I had brunch at The Realm on Saturday, as we tend to do every fortnight or so, or at least often enough that the staff recognise us and seem to laugh at us a lot, we discovered that the bottle store across the road was doing a wine tasting. Who doesn’t like free wine? Well, certainly not us anyways. There were three ladies there with varying degrees of product knowledge and professionality (the last one raved on about Jacob’s Creek being $7 when she was ‘promoting’ a very different brand), and they were a little bored, so I tried thirteen wines or so in a short space of time, and got rather lightheaded. Most of the wines were things like Sacred Hill and Gunn Estate that I’d tried before (indeed, Gunn Estate seems to be the default wine at all the bars around here, so I’ve had quite a lot of it), but one that I hadn’t was a sparkling sav from Mount Riley called Savee, so this is where the umlaut comes in, because it’s actually Sav’ee, and given that my mother’s name is Aim’ee you’d think I would have learnt how to put in accents – but I can’t. Nevermind.

  • Corpse Bride, which I was able to furnish 19 people with free tickets to, thanks to the lovely KateH, is absolutely fantastic and you should go and see it and also buy me posters for it. Hurrah.

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