Skallander – The Camels

So two Wellington musicians get together to work on some music. You’ve heard this story many times before, but there’s a couple of twists: Matthew Mitchell is now living in Hungary and so his work with Bevan Smith (Aspen, Marineville) was done entirely online using p2p technology. Also, Skallander sound like many things and like nothing else all at the same time.

Thickly textured and layered with intricate detailing, Skallander is a chunky blend of lo-fi, electronica, and indie, which sometimes suggests Smith’s other projects, or perhaps The Phoenix Foundation. The title track, which is undoubtedly the album’s highlight even sounds a fair bit like American Music Club relocated to Wellington. It’s easy listening music for the complicated person. The Camels is one of those soft albums perfect to crawl into at the end of a long day and it comes highly recommended.


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