Media Consumage

I’ve been consuming media like crazy lately, and maybe I haven’t told you about it, so here goes:

  • Mysterious Skin made me ache in so many ways, and made me think far far too much
  • Elizabethtown, which was mostly really bad, but there were some really good moments in it too, like the face that Kirsten Dunst makes when she’s in the bath, and she’s holding her breath, and then Orlando says something that confirms to her that he’s into her too, and it’s just perfect. But the movie was too many different films at once. When Lisa and I were talking about what movie we’d go to, I described the plot to her, and she was like “Oh, it’s Garden State“, and I suppose you could compare the two, but Elizabethtown would lose every time.
  • Serenity which I can’t really write about here without any spoilers, but suffice to say HOLY FUCKING CRAPPING OH MY GOD it was fantastic and good and great and I want to go back again and again and again. If I was going to go over the top with analogies – which I am – seeing those familiar and dear characters on the big screen was like giving birth (or, since I haven’t actually given birth, holding the first printed version of a magazine you did mostly all by yourself in your hands. Because yes, I made it. Oh no wait…) And now I’m singing the ‘where do we go from here?’ song from Buffy in my head over and over adn wanting to see the sequel RIGHT NOW although of course, it might not even get made…
  • Oh, and did i mention that Robert Downey Junior is my new boyfriend after Kiss kiss, bang bang? I’m sure I did, but I was probably drunk…

    I am also of course really looking forward to King Kong, and The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe, and the divine Kateh has sent/is sending me tickets to Harry Potter for next Wednesday, so wooo, no cultural snobbery here. I did, however have an arguement with Karen last night while watching the trailers for the Narnia pic, cos she’s all “they’re going to put The Horse and his Boy into the first movie” and I’m all like “no they’re not,” and she’s all “but they’re making Prince Caspian next,” and I’m like “but that’s the order they were written in, and then I was like dude, you might know books, but you don’t use the internet except to go to McSweeny’s, and so who are you to tell me what’s what? Except that I just said that she was wrong.

    Speaking of blagged preview stuff, the new Bic Runga album Birds is of course absolutely fantastic. And the new My Morning Jacket album has pictures of pandas on the disc (which makes me laugh, since Kateh sent me the first album cos it has a bear on the cover) and lyrics that go “a kitten on fire and a baby in a blender / both sound as sweet / as a night of surrender”, which is genius, although of course Hubris does NOT advocate setting kittens on fire. But you will be reading more about that in the next issue of Pulp, I’m sure.

    And so back to the real life. Yesterday Anji and I got our invites to my cousin Iain‘s wedding – or rather, second wedding, since he and Anny already got married in China. I think. It’s the day after my work Xmas party, but luckily isn’t a morning ceremony, so that is very choice and exciting. I can wear my Going to Weddings dress (Chelsea’s, Penny’s…).

    And speaking of my work party, thanks to all the none of you (except for Esther) who gave me Loveboat themed costume suggestions. That’s the last time I bother writing an entry while I’m sober! Except for um, this one.

    Finally, it’s occured to me that I really need to stop spending money and start saving if I intend to do anything over the summer other than sit at home and reread rockstar biographies. Shirley and I are discussing going to Whakatane, possibly over New Year’s, to see Brad, if anyone wants to join us. I’ll do my best to promise not to give anyone handjobs on the couch this time. And then there’s the Big Day Out, so there’ll be flights and hotels up for that. Who’s going? I need friends who AREN’T going to the Melbourne one for reasons that they won’t disclose. And I’m not talking to Heather anymore for the rest of the day! Don’t worry, this is not a jumping-the-shark moment though, and that’s not just because Karen asked me the other day when that phrase will jump the shark. Oh the injokes!

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