Kong is king

Let’s start out here with some honesty: I am drunk. Like, really drunk. Like, I have to close one eye to focus. It’s not my fault. We were sitting on the Courtenay Place edge of our building and they were all yelling at Jane Yee! and I was like, it’s my fault she journals, and now my glasses are too steamy to write, anddddddddddddddd um, I forget the point, except for HI JANE. Nice dress.

THere was another girl in a low cut red dress, but we were two stories up, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses, and I could still count her rib bones up by her collar bone so really, so not hott. And there were ladies with bad shoes, or a bad colour, or what looked like bridesmaid dresses, or whathaveyou, but like, the celebrities were coming up on Allan, and we were all sitting overlooking Blair, which is where the people with tickets but not fame were coming up.

Ha ha, if I was more sober, I would talk to you ab0ut all the things that I have wanted to mention, like dinner at Floridita’s, which was kickass, or the drinks with people from Wellington who like to drink, and that was great, andI ended up at bars that I hadn’t been places befoer, called Morocco (and yes, that’s right, I will drop my tenses, and that’s fine), and that was nice, and that’s all. I forget my point. There was a lot of politics. Also! There were many (two) earthquakes. Earthquakes are SCARY! I ran to the doorway and cowered in there for a while. Seb was outside, but I bet he’d be all “blah blah, whatevs” cos he is pretty cool.

So many balconies, so much sunshine. Thhis is whatI just msged Lisa with:

Work is SO HOT. So many fans. So much packing up of boxes. I didn’t go to the gym today, and I should have. Monday and Tuesday is not enough Getting high off the heat of exercise is quite amusing though. Today, out on one of the side balconeys, cos we are not clients so we are not good enough, I was using the word ‘moist’, and people around me were like “Omg so not right” but like, I was totally in the right. Ddi mention the ( BYO) liquor? Or the too-much touching of workmates? Or the ha ha Hot-ness? Ha ha, no, I didn’t. So I suppose I shan’t.

And this is what I said since I got home:

Lisa says:
you sat in the sun and drank bubbly near arguing directors on a balconey in the central city and you love A because he makes you think of penises and lambs
Jo Hubris says:
lamb s?
Lisa says:
lambs are cute
Jo Hubris says:
what else?
Lisa says:
it was like an episode of lost that you had to twop and then you got to see murray’s b/f having sibling sex?

To understand that ,you must get that Ian Sommerhalder (SP?) is MurrayN’s fantasy b/f. If you don’t get that, then oh well. I forget my point.

Jo Hubris says:
what else did I ell youZ?
Lisa says:
that ………………………………………………………………………………***
Jo Hubris says:
Jo Hubris says:
for the gernal public
Jo Hubris says:
what’d I say?
Lisa says:
that you were all blah blah blah like joan rivers if she was relevant
Jo Hubris says:
Jo Hubris says:
that was me

Let’s post this and move on, okay?

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