Loose Ends

Okay, one day I will finish part three of The Decemberer and you’ll know how I spent the rest of my holidays. But it’s on my computer at home, and frankly, I’m way too busy.

Why am I so busy? Well:

1. I’m driving up to Auckland on Thursday with Lisa Fur and Franrose for the Big Day Out. Hurrah! On the Saturday night, I’m having a dinner at Canton in Kingsland and then drinks at our apartment in Newton, so you should get in touch and come along. If you can’t make it out that night, I’d still love to see you. Keep an eye out for me if you too are bdoing. I may very well be wearing a lime green bandana to save getting a burnt scalp.

2. I’m looking for two flatmates since Anji is moving out – you can see the ad on flatfinder that features photos of my sexy couches and dining room. If you know someone who’s looking for a place, likewise, let me know. I think I’d probably prefer boys, and I promise not to sleep with them. I’m reformed.

3. Brad’s having a fundraiser to raise funds (fancy that!) for his secondment to a Philly theatre company, and you should come along. It’s on February 10, so it’s a while away, but I’ll pop the invite up here for now anyway:

4. I’ve been asked by my manager to set S.M.A.R.T goals for the next three months at work. I have to tell her what they are next week. Help! What are my goals? Do I want to learn software? Are there any courses I might want to do? OOOH! I want to learn Maori. And also how to macronise properly. Rock. But more ideas would be welcome.

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