Slow dancing at the Brokeback Prom

Prom tonight. Vote for me for prom queen. Brad came over last night to discuss decorations, and he ripped some music for slowdancing. Please, for the love of all things good and shiny in the world, will someone slow dance with me tonight? I want to be all triumphant and “check out how much cooler I am now than when I actually went to a real Homecoming dance” but there’s a part of me who’s scared I’ll sit on the metaphorical bleachers and cry when they play Guns’n Roses’ ‘Don’t Cry’ and the cool kids will laugh at me.

But I don’t really have too much time to worry about it, because I have to go and buy black netting at lunchtime to promify my skirt, and then after work KateB and I must rush over to the Wellington Pipe Band Hall to decorate it, and then rush home and get dressed and rush to get drunk and go back in. I also need to make sure I pack a change of clothes, cos while the twins will be definitely coming to the party, I may not be quite as free with my movements as I would like to be in that outfit.

It’s been very rad having KateB back in town. We’ve been eating lunch together every day this week since she’s been freelancing around here, and on Tuesday I took her home with me for drinks and soup, hair dying and watching of the Garland video. I can’t wait until Brad becomes a famous actor so I can unleash his dancing upon the world. Actually I really should take the clip of the Garland Gang cd rom and put it up on the interweb. That sounds like an excellent idea. I’m sure he’d thank me for it. Also, who knows a good place in Wellington to get a crappy old VHS digitised so I can keep it safe forever? You’d think I could do it at work, but the developer was all “no no no”. Dammit, I know how to do it (or at least I did five years ago), you’d think I could borrow the G5 in my own time.

Bart’s been living in my house for nearly two weeks now, as has his girlfriend, who is having trouble finding a flat, so if anyone knows of a place going, please please please let me know. He and She and Mark who is yet to move in are all trained chefs, so I’ve had some dinners cooked for me. That’s great, but a little strange. I’m used to being a much better cook than the boys I’ve lived with. But they’re all lovely, and I’m getting bits and pieces of furniture trickling in from Oma’s in order to fill in the gaps, and that’s great. I’ve also got a car now. Or rather, I have Mum’s old car and I’ll be paying for insurance and registration and all that, but if any of the cousins need to borrow it they’re allowed to. Can you drive, Cous? Not that I’m expecting to see you in Wellignton any time soon probably though.

I saw Brokeback Mountain on Wednesday and decided that I should just punch the girl I fancy in her face and ask her to go fishing with me. I thought there was a little too much scenary, and that Salon’s review of made some really good points, and that if I was to speak like Joss, I’d say that it did more telling than showing. But it was still great, and there were boobs, and hot boys pashing (although not enough), and I cried. But I saw it at a Newstalk ZB preview, and they were the worst audience ever. Maybe because they’re used to talking to the radio they thought it was okay to talk through the film and wear way too much perfume and go “oh yes” and “oh no!” out loud the whole way through? Stupid long time listener/first time movie watchers. And while we’re on the subject of sexuality (oh yeah, Newstalk ZB is like, sooo sexual), I read an interview with Dan Savage in the Onion AV Club, in which he said (to paraphrase) “if your boyfriend is a homophobe, that means he’s also a misogynist because he’s reacting to the belief that in gay relationships one person assumes the role of the woman and he’s seeing it as a bad thing to be a woman” and I was like “yes!”. I like it when people who are smarter than me articulate things real good.

And I think that’s my lot for today. Just come to The Prom okay? And vote for me for Prom Queen. I made the ballot forms so I really should have rigged them, but I was good and didn’t.

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