Par for the three courses

For some reason (I think it was the two glasses of Amaretto with dessert and as Lisa and Brad did the dishes), I kind of thought that when I turned on my computer tonight there’d be an email from you. Of course there wasn’t. Maybe it was the music. Maybe it would be that after we all joined hands and gave thanks for things (three course dinner + it having just been American Thanksgiving = me being cheesy as fuck) we talked about our years in review, and the good things and the bad things and the plain old weird & strange things that went on. And of course that was the category that you fell in to.

Of course both Lisa and Brad were driving so they sat there laughing at me as I drank more and more to cover up the oh god the pain the pain of the fact that the dinner had originally been planned for six people and I’d spent all Saturday night cooking for it, but of course my group of friends never work to the same schedule that I do (plan something waaaaaaay in advance and they’ll change their minds at the alst minute – plan it at the last minute and they’ll be busy) so consequently there are more chocolate mousses sitting in the frige waiting for me to eat them ath that’s nto a bad thing. There are also six chicken, vege and feta pies in the freezer, leftover saffron risotto in the fridge and I sent the rest of the kumara & corn chowder home with Brad. No one saw how it took me two goes to make three white chocolate spirals – the first time the bag melted. Oh the drama of it all. I love to cook big elabroate meals but I wish it was easier to get peole to come over and eat them. All I really want to do with my life is entertain people.

Lisa and I watched the Birds DVD and it made me sad as Bic Runga can do, and also discussion about the eyar in general made me a little sad because while it’s been a good year on the whole (I’m making 9k more than I used to!), I miss things like the potential of the crush I had in February, and the anticipation of my American holiday and so forth. Now Keanu Reeves is on the television so I must go find another glass of water, Scrubs DVDs and mentally prepare myself for the difficult meetings I have tomorrow. Joy!

The rest of the week will be busy. I must eat my eggplant tomorrow (that’s not a euphemism but rather a “well it fucking cost $4.95” statement), and then on Tueday I have dinner with Katy, a drink with Karts on Wednesday, Helen’s shop opening on Thursday, and then of course the Wellingtonista Awards on Friday. Woo, vote for me! Um, if you want to.

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