A quick update

Help, I can’t breathe! But it’s not what you think. It never is. In fact, I’ve just laced on my corset for the first time in aaaages, and I’m waiting for Lani to be free so I can go and rendevouz with her in the 21st floor bathroom to get ready for our work quiz. It’s actually a quiz organised by my agency, but her part of the ministry has entered a team, and I’m playing on it. We’re called the “M*** Marauders” because pirates are awesome, but now I have Fat Freddy’s in my head, dammit!

Tomorrow the fridge man comes back and I will have to unwrestle our fridge out from under the house where it is face-down and hopefully draining (that’s not a easy thing to do by yourself, let me tell you!) and then I will have long brunch by myself, and then get a hair cut, and then I have an outing with the Wellingtonista. I may very well look something like this:

Me looking smokin’ hott. So there

Speaking of the Wellingtonista, you should join our bowling league. In fact, I’m wondering if starting a team of Hubrettes would be viable? Cos of course my first loyalty is to Hubris. Let me know.

The Wairarapa was mostly fun. I spent a great deal of money and buggered up my neck falling off a barrel. Not a clever idea. My personal highlight was the (drunk) winemaker from Mebus telling me that his reserve pinot noir tasted “like angels fornicating in your mouth”. Apparently angel fornication tastes a bit woody. It was nice wine though.

Okay, Lani just rang so I must pirate up. Next time I will tell you about my grand schemes!

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