Now officially (OFFICIALLY!) fixed

Coldplay is welcome to try, but they’re not going to be able to do it, because as of today, I am officially fixed. I know this because today I bid my counsellor goodbye and didn’t make another appointment. Not forever, of course, because I’m aware I will have lapses, but for now my mind is content, and bubbling over with many ideas. Like the Wellingtonista bowling which starts tonight. And domestiscity. And cake tiers! And the need to find a small white plate with a gold rim and small pink flowers on it to complete said tier. She said she’d liked working with me and that I was very bright and clever. Awww.

My cough is finally dying out, which is nice, tomorrow I have an all-chocolate afternoon tea to go to, which is grand, and my nails are still bright green. And tonight I get my newly printed shirt from Glen-or-Martha, and we get to kick Clemenger’s ass. I’m just worried that the Wellingtonista is so sick that I might end up having to actually bowl. Eeek! That wasn’t supposed to happen. All I was supposed to do was moll it up. But I suppose as a fixed person, I will be able to handle bowling, if I need to, and as a fixed person, even if we don’t win (which seems impossible), I will take it gracefully on the chin. Hurrah for being fixed!

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