Caught orange-handed

Bulletpoints are really a whole lot easier than writing coherant paragraphs, aren’t they? So would you be disturbed if I did another bulletpoint update? Of course you wouldn’t. You love me, right? Right?

  • My RSS is back. Well, at least if you’re using Bloglines anyway.
  • My palms are no longer orange. Yeah, I bought this moisturiser, right, made in NZ, parabefen free, all natural ingrediants, ladida, with “hint of summer” type stuff about it, and used it liberally for a couple of days, and then one day when I was meeting with a client (are they clients? You’re ALL my clients, technically) and drinking a cup of coffee, I realised that while my legs and arms were lightly golden, my palms were totally fanta pants. Whoops! Moral of the story: rub it in with the back of your hands. And exfoliate with my awesome sugar scrub lots.
  • You know how in my last post I said I was in love with the Quiz Master at the Southern Cross? Well that night he called me pretty, so everyone got to see me blush and giggle like I was twelve. Okay, so maybe it was phrased like “Are you sure your team’s big enough?” Me: “I don’t even know the names of those guys over there, they’re just here to look pretty” and he said “Isn’t that your job?” but I don’t care. Swoon and giggle. I enjoy being 12, it’s a lot simpler than other crap.
  • The past two nights I have been making sweet love to my couch out of exhaustion. I am so so so in love with Vince from The Mighty Boosh and also Sid from Skins which made me cry again. But tonight I am going to catch up for a drink with my six-weeked boss from that last job that I loved, then hang with DylNuts. Tomorrow I am going to Miss Lisa’s house to escape wrestling-watching.
  • I also love love love that on Public Address System we turned a discussion about rugby into one about the awesomeness of Exile in Guyville.
  • And finally I’ve been reading I like you by Amy Sedaris, which I LOVE, and you should read it too, but only after you’ve read You’re so entertaining by me, so you don’t think I copied, cos I didn’t. Her descriptions of cooking for first dates have reminded me of how much I want to go on A Date (capital letters). Someone want to have a First Date with me? It’d be like, awkward but awesome. And it can be a no strings American-style affair. Let’s do it!
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