Drinking for free: week four

Last week I was totally and utterly exhausted, so I planned to use the Quiz Night bar tab as my source of free drinks, but then I left the tab at home. Luckily Karen stepped up to the plate and told me about the book launch for Looking flash: CLOTHING IN AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND
edited by Bronwyn Labrum, Fiona McKergow, & Stephanie Gibson at Massey on Thursday. That fit in well with my later movie date, so I grabbed the lovely Annabel and we trekked up the quadrillion stairs to what used to be the museum, which is now Massey.

There was an intimitading-looking bouncer man posted by the revolving door who asked us what we were there for, but when we said “the book launch” he smiled and pointed us in. I guess he was just there to keep away people who were only there for the booze…

We arrived in the foyer and I was surprised by how tiny it was. I mean sure, it was jampacked with 50 people or so, but I was expecting it to be HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. Perhaps my sense of spacial perception has changed a little bit since I was 10. Or perhaps going to the Metropolitan Museum in New York has ruined me for all other museums (which is probably true, because that place was sofa king amazing). We found spots on the coat rack, and managed to make our way to the bar for Totora Hills wine (I felt like white, but there was only chard, so I had red instead) before Dr Bronwyn Dalley, The Chief Historian for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage started speaking about all her fashion crimes. It was a really nice speech actually, funny and full of vivid imagery. Then one of the authors spoke, and we were encouraged to have a good time. I had another glass of wine and thumbed through the book which was pretty intellectual-academic looking. Plenty of people were buying it, which is good. We spotted a table with some food plates on it, but they were empty except for a handful of tiny tartlets. Sigh. So it was out of there and off to SMK for us. Buy the book, it sounds very interesting and the people involved in it are nice.

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