Drinking for free: Week Five

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My free* drinks last week were supposed to come courtesy of the seminar I attended – Social Media’s Impact on Communications at the posh old Wellesley Club. But my cow-orkers left straight after the seminar, and it was so damn hot in the room that when I saw the bar wasn’t even fully set up yet, I hightailed it out of there to pay for a glass of wine at Plum (and trick Tom into buying me one) instead. Just as well then, that we had $100 in Southern Cross bartabs to drink that night then.

One of the vouchers had actually expired the week previously (I’d left it at home accidently, so we had to pay that night, shock horror) but we calculated that the somewhat inept staff would fail to notice that, and we were right. Also, I should now direct your attention to this very gracious comment from the general manager, because it is very gracious. $100 + $10 bought two bottles of Five Flax Reisling (standard sweet reisling, quite drinkable but I’m getting a bit bored of drinking it every week, however it’s a big jump from its $30 price to $45 for Rose) and two jugs of Emerson’s Bookbinder for the boys. We got the right table-booth, and the Quizmaster was back from his knee operation so we didn’t have to resort to calling ourselves “Anus. Heh heh, anus” because my arch nemisis The Poo from 2004 (remember that horrible fashion show that I did?) was reading the questions. A good time was had by most (the numbers of people on our two teams did my head in somewhat), and we won $80 in bar tabs which we drank this week. Hurrah!

* Free to me, obviously, the seminar was paid for by my work.

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