Summer daze

When I think back on this summer, I hope the memory that stays with me the most is of standing in my new paddling pool in my back yard, a slight breeze ruffling my skirts and hair, and I’m buzzed on the sun and daquiris, singing Bic Runga’s ”Gravity’ – “I forget myself when I’m with you, please remind me of who I am”. The tiki shack that I built with the help of many friends has been a tremendous success, and it will continue to be open all sumer.

There’s been so much going on. I’m so far behind in telling you stories that I don’t even know where to start. The Wellingtonista Awards consumed an awful amount of my time, and my mindspace (even though Hadyn was project-managing, I was an evil micromanager). The event went off fantastically, we had swag bags and prizes and all kinds of goodness from all kinds of wonderful people. So many of the nominees came along, and Bunnies on Ponies played, and just, so many awesome things. You’ll need to check my flickr stream for photos from it. I’m trying to think of my highlights from the night. One of them was definitely Callum from Green Cabs winning Wellingtonian of the Year. I think the other was just that there was so much build up, and anticipation, and we totally pulled the thing off.

Pretty Pretty Pretty is going really strong right now as well, we’re doing heaps of giveaways and people are reading us, and it’s nice, and stuff. One day we’ll be rolling in money and I won’t have to have a day job, honest.

It is nice to be on holiday. My intern at work is very smart and clever and is getting many things done. I’ve been a bit crazy lately and I don’t feel very smart. I’m hoping that will change in 2009. I’m hoping to sort ut my head, stop doing bad shit, go to the gym and get off the sleeping pills. My dreams are too intense and weird and extreme, every day. I don’t need that right now.

This is the worst update ever, I know. Xmas was good, we had it at Anji & Bambi’s, and ate a lot. Kat and Kane are getting married in under two weeks, and they asked me to MC their wedding. I’m going to cook MCs like a pound of bacon. Mmm bacon.

I’m identifying with people I don’t want to identify with lately. I’m happy to report though that my lease has been renewed at the same rate for another year so there will be many more drinks in the tiki shack to be had. The flat is ticking over really nicely. The boys are away right now. El cleaned today while I sat on my bed looking at the clock, and pretending to read. She thinks it may be the spark plugs in my car that are fucked, rather than my alternator, which I hope is the case.

Blah blah blah. Something about Singstar at Lisa’s. Something about New Year’s Eve coming up, and something about SausageQuest perhaps? Something about something.

The good news is though that now that I’ve done this long overdue update, I can do more posts more regularly. Awesome.

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