A whole new Hubris

Why hello there! How attractive you are looking today. Also, I am too, right? Behold the new Hubris. It’s all shiny and stuff. And in wordpress. This means that commenting should be very very easy for you, and so will subscribing to my RSS. It makes updating a little easier for me too, and I can tag everything, as you can see.  2001 and 2002 are still WIP, as are fixing links and adding in images, but you should still be able to access most stuff. Enjoy! And let me know how it goes for you. The party to celebrate 10 years of Hubris went swimmingly, thanks for asking! There are photos all over the internet, obviously, but here is one of me, dressed as Marie Antoinette, with the kissing booth in which $29.90 was raised. Hurrah!


7 responses to “A whole new Hubris”

  1. You do indeed, one that is sadly lacking in content so far!


  2. WordPress! New design! But that same Hubris awesomeness that we love. Well done.


  3. it’s gorgeous 🙂


  4. oh how shiny and pretty and fashion


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