All on deck

Since I last wrote, the intense bruise on my knee has faded somewhat, but it’s still pretty sore and spectacular.

Since I last wrote, we have opened up the Tiki Shack for summer, and consumed our own body weights in frozen fruity drinks. Well, perhaps just Anna Jane’s bodyweight.

Since I last wrote, I got back the photos that were taken of me in the shack and the back yard. Friends of mine on flickr can see a sampling of them under this tag (warning: I am in my bra in some of the pics, and I look incredibly hott), but because I am so in love with it, I’ll post one pic here:

I am a dusky maiden
I am a dusky maiden

Sylvie is a fricking amazing photographer and I highly recommend her for all your photographing needs.

What else? I have been busy on PPP adding in an Outfits of the Day page, which will hopefully soon display any flickr picture tagged with “PPPoutfit”. I have been obsessed with looking at what people are wearing lately. I blame the LJ Fatshionista community, and also Megan for making me do things on Polyvore.

In career pursuits, I have applied for a surprising number of jobs lately, written my first blog post on Open Govt, and I’m working on some advice for Community Central including how not to be a dick on Twitter. That last post was on my portfolio site, which I’ve also spent a lot of time working on. I have been writing a lot on a lot of places. I have been having many thoughts.

In more important news, it’s the Miss Fur‘s birthday today! Lisa it’s your birthday, happy birthday Lisa! Tomorrow night I am cooking dinner for her and a gaggle of girls. And in exciting lady news a) I’m going to see Martha tomorrow because I am helping to organise the opening of her new store b) I’m getting drunk with Emma on Friday and c) I’m going to HLAH with Lisa on Saturday d) there’s roller derby next Saturday e) Kat & Kane are coming down next Sunday! And at some stage in all of that, Amy may be cutting my hair for the first time in a million years. Joy!

If only I had an income so I could maintain this hectic lifestyle for always. It is nice having leisurely lunches with entertaining friends. If only I had a sugar daddy or mammy. Hmmm…

2 responses to “All on deck”

  1. New zen portfolio theme: likey.


  2. YAY! You’re coming to roller derby next Saturday 🙂

    I love the photo and love your blog doll. Fabulous xx

    Good luck on the job front and you’ve just convinced me I want a frozed tea from down the street

    X katie


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