I twittered today that I’m about two weeks away from sucking cock for crack, financially speaking, and that’s pretty true. I’d say that I’m also about two weeks away from taking up sucking cock for crack just for something to do because I’m so fucking bored, but yet I keep finding myself way too busy, no matter how sexy and appealing It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia makes crack addiction look.

My period has been fucking with me, resulting in many nights of not sleeping until 5am, and thinking too much about things that are in the past. Consequently, when Megan was over yesterday, I cried a little, and then she made me laugh, so that was good. I’m just so tired of things not going my way, of the endless having to deal with stupid things like bills, and police, and letterboxes, and landlords, and applying for jobs,  and no doubt WINZ soon, and finding a new flatmate (El’s moving to the beach), and just ugh. URGH! I need a PA, like, so bad. And also a salary with which to pay said PA.

I got a text on Monday night from a guy I know asking me to go for a drink with him and his wife because she had a proposition for me. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I’m pretty sure that it will be of the blog promotion variety type proposition, but because my weekend was somewhat interesting, I chose to assume the most sordid scenario. I was hugging my heater, however, and didn’t want to wash my hair, so I didn’t leave the house.

On Saturday though, I left the house for about 15 hours straight. I played Urban Golf. It was tremendous fun!


I’m not feeling particularly articulate right now after very long conversations about other people’s lives tonight, so instead I recommend that you read Phil’s description of the day. I like dressing up, and taking back the streets, and chatting to the people we met along the way, and also the meeting new people part of the day, indeed. It was more sober than I expected it to be though.

I fixed the sober part afterwards when I went and met up with that girl and we had drinks at Pollux and The Garden Club which weirds me out because it used to be the Repertory Theatre where I did drama lessons and now it’s a gay club. I suppose they’re practically the same thing though anyways, right? The night ended with me sitting topless in someone’s living room eating Burger Fuel, which is the way most nights should end, right? I think most nights should involve less of other people’s drama though, maybe. But for my last occasion of spending substantial amounts of money, it was pretty good.

Schedule-wise, there’s roller derby coming up (we have tickets to give away on PPP!) and then then the PPP Girlie Party & Clothing Swap, and then I go to Harvestbird’s wedding, and then there’ll be the Halloween toss-up between rasslin’ and derby. Then I may end up going to Auckland for a couple of days with Lisa in November if I am not gainfully employed before she drives up for Pearl Jam. I suspect I will need to hold the wheel steady for her, so great will her excitement be. Oh, and you should suggest nominees for 4TAWA.

Blah. I have been on a big downloaded TV glut lately (thanks The AV Club!) and so I will return to that now if you don’t mind.

5 responses to “Urbanal”

  1. Glad you enjoyed the Urban Golf! Next time we’ll all bring flasks. Maybe we should take up the Chicago Urban Golf tradition of a prize for “Best Drunk”?


  2. Yeah golf! There is a mini golf by my house (Island Bay) with all these funny look things, THINGS for lack of a better word to describe them.. So keen to check that out on the next sunny day 😀

    Ahh haha sitting topless eating burger fuel. Why have I not been reading your blog before now. Why have we not hung out. Actual LOL this is the best entry ever ha ha ha ha.

    RE: sucking cock for crack, I hear ya there. I am employed but that doesn’t stop the bank taking all my money. I have debts and when I quit my job in Auckland to move down to Wellington I took a massive pay cut the bank would never have loaned me the debt I have now if I had this wage then. Crimes?!

    Maybe I’ll meet you at the next roller derby


  3. Theresa: I had a flask. But then again I almost always do. Thank you for constantly bringing new and fun things and people into my life.

    Katie: I’m glad you like it! Are you coming to the PPP party this Saturday? We can hang out then!


  4. I’m behind the 8-ball in my RSS reader, so I’m just catching up on things. When I eventually organise Urban Golf in Melbourne, you’ll know that this blog post inspired it! I’m dead keen to have a sesh next year… although I’m not sure I can think of city streets to play in. What were you guys using as “holes”?


    1. We just aimed for specific things – crates or dumpsters or metal panels in walls. You could take along a piece of chalk and mark up a square you have to hit if you wanted to get specific. Oh, and use tennis balls, not golf balls!


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