Shacking up

It is astonishing how much difference a little bit of money has made in my life. Getting paid for the contract work that I’ve been doing meant I could pay my phone bill. It meant I could get my meds. It meant I could pay rent. It meant I could go see my counsellor and discuss with her how awful it makes me feel to be 29 and in debt to both my sisters and my parents. She told me many times that just because I am bad with money it doesn’t mean that I am a bad person. We also talked about ways that I can work through things so that I don’t throw my hands up in the air and give up on everything and retreat to my “safe” place at the bottom of the Piths Of Dethspair. Of course though, along with the rest of the world, she is hapu, which means that she’s going on maternity leave soon so I can’t have a another breakdown until April, okay?

Job hunting continues to happen. I got feedback from one interview that I went to along the lines of “We thought you were fantastic. You blew us away. As soon as you left the room, we were all like ‘oh man, we wish we had a job for her!’ ” . I am considering being slightly less awesome  in my next interview in order to avoid this happening again. Then again, the contract work that I am doing right now (at which I am kicking ass and taking names) is the result of a similar result from another job interview, so perhaps there is hope for me yet. And next week I will get paid by the government to help my mother cook dinner, so that’s always good (Serious Entertainment Function hosted by my father. It’s like the ’80s and the ’90s diplomatic life all over again).

So that’s the work front. On the home front, while I’m still looking for one flatmate, Thigh Voltage moved in yesterday and we had hilarious hijinks trying to mandangle a four-seater couch up our very steep and narrow stairs and through our tight hallway. Later that night Anna Jane gave me a neck massage and went “oh you’re so tight!” like a pornstar. I giggled a lot. I recommend her massage services, by the way. Chiara and Rachel plaited my hair like I was a My Little Pony. We were tiki-shacking it up to welcome Thigh. My house was full of my lovely friends and the glorious roller derby girls and other people who read twitter or something. I had hilarious gossips with Kim and Laura and Lisa in the tiki shack (we were mostly in the house because of the wind). My catchphrase this weekend has been “I drink a lot and I have low self esteem!” It goes a long way in explaining many things about me. However, the compliments from the roller derby girls about my creepy fandom and also of my boobs (I wore a low-cut dress to make up for not providing much food or drink, you see) went a long way to boosting up my ego to sky high levels. I have been reminded of the fact that the reason I have so many awesome people in my life is because I am actually pretty damn awesome.

Other things of note recently:

  • the meal Bambi cooked for me while I was crying on Anji’s shoulder
  • how after I cleaned the fridge out I discovered the only food actually in it was some creamed corn
  • the hammering I did when Shirley repaired her (stolen) park bench
  • dinner with Megan and Laura at Thai Chef
  • discovering that apparently people a couple of years younger than me don’t use condoms every single time that they have sex (WTF? How is that possible???? I have had sex without a condom a grand total of twice in my entire life, and I was on the pill and thought I was in a monogamous relationship. There are some things I don’t fuck around with, you may be surprised to learn).
  • the insane amount of spirits that we got through last night. So many empty bottles.
  • eating Ethiopian food for the first time
  • The things filling up my social calendar – gallery openings, book launches, Skate Highway One – Wellington vs Auckland at Roller Derby,  the FOURTH ANNUAL WELLINGTONISTA AWARDS OMG etc.

And now some multimedia stuff:

Me winning the best sign competition at the last bout of Roller Derby with this gem which encourages world peace, because obviously I’m dressed to support SMASH MALICE who won, but also the new flatmate who’s on Brutal Pageant:

Photo by Jed Soane
Photo by Jed Soane

Bad Tom teaching Chiara how to tie a cravat before Pride & Prejudice & Zombies:

That might be it for now, actually. Leave me a comment, I haven’t updated for a while so give me a reason to be a woman do it more often!

7 responses to “Shacking up”

  1. “But an asshole is an asshole right?”
    Haha, love you Jo. There is totally a market for a “Things Jo Says” twitter stream, or blog, or book just to hold your one liners.


  2. Great dress. I love Ethiopian food. See you soon x


  3. I liked this the best: “I have been reminded of the fact that the reason I have so many awesome people in my life is because I am actually pretty damn awesome.”
    Just thought I’d remind you of it again 😉
    Love the photo from the roller derby.


  4. oh my god you look like sarah palin. i hope you arent offended, i mean i might not agree with her political views either, but i think she is a beautiful looking woman.


  5. Ms Constantine: make it happen! Perhaps even just a hashtag on Twitter?
    Jessie: Cheers! And I am so excited about seeing you again.
    Mazzy: <3. Thank you for putting your children in animal costumes!
    Gemma: I was going for a sort-of beehive hairdo, but I’ve never been compared to Sarah Palin before! I will pretend you said Tina Fey instead 🙂


  6. “I am considering being slightly less awesome in my next interview in order to avoid this happening again. ”

    It’s tough being awesome. Maybe we should start a support group?


    1. That’s what the W’ista is, isn’t it?


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