Waiting for the communists in the fun house

Item! Once again, I am anticipating my period. My boobs are sore and I’m starting to get cramps when I orgasm. Is this the information you’re looking for when you google “Jo Hubris” or when you look me up when I apply for jobs with you? I really must reiterate again that this is an online journal where I have been writing about my periods since 1998. I don’t believe it is a reflection on my professionalism. That’s what www.joannamcleod.com is for.

Item! That whining out of the way, I want to tell you about my friend Peter. For his 20th birthday, me and the good people of Garland bought him a Britney Spears doll. That was a good ten years ago. Recently he was back from the UK for a bit, and came to a party at Shirley’s and then Anna-Jane’s flatwarming with me. He brought Britney with him! And took her out of the box for the first time!

Say hello to my little friend

He carried her in his pocket all night and talked to her too. I adore Peter.

Item! There’s stuff written by me in a new magazine called FishHead. I went to its launch. The Masked Barfly went too.

Item! I had a blogsplosion today and updated EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY BLOGS apart from the Aucklandista. That’s an awful lot of blogs. Ones you might know about include Pretty Pretty Pretty, the Wellingtonista, You Are So Entertaining and Joanna McLeod Dot Com. Ones you might not know about I suppose will stay that way. Oh, but you should follow my tumblr if you’re into that sort of thing.

Item! I am having a potluck dinner party on Good Friday and am trying to use it to meet people that I might follow on Twitter and the internets but don’t really know. Would you like to come along? Let me know!

Item! Finally, because Robyn did it, let me present you with the top search terms for today on my site:

homemade duck blinds 6
ingrown hair vagina 2
picture of ingrown hair on breast 2
ingrown hair genital 2
the feelers suck 1
musician calls potential sponsor whore 1
in grown hair on arm 1
infected ingrown hair crotch 1
anal sluts wellington 1
gmt.co.nz 1

It’s true, I did have an ingrown hair. And the Feelers do suck. The rest, I don’t think I can help you with, sorry. Except to say that if I hadn’t been blind drunk, I may not have needed a “the duck” tag.

EDIT: oh yeah, I already told you to delete my feed and resubscribe if you’re not getting full posts in your RSS reader, yes? Good.

3 responses to “Waiting for the communists in the fun house”

  1. wellington vagina calls feeler anal whore


  2. Okay. So apparently Peter came back to NZ and caught up with everyone EXCEPT ME. First I see him on Jane Yee’s blog and now here. I didn’t even know he was back in the country!
    Peter, if you’re out there reading this, BOO TO YOU.

    Hi Jo! Luff you!

    That is all.


  3. […] above. Tom of the now-idle Minor Tweaks used to run a recurring series on it, and Jo Hubris’s recent NSFW list includes various hopeful seekers of information pertaining to either music or genitals (or perhaps […]


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