Keep calm and carry on

My darling Megan, she of the 6am her waking up me still struggling to sleep State of the Union g-chats chats about mutual friend-ish who apparently really is just that oblivious to the hurt he does, bought herself a water bottle that instructs her to keep calm and carry on. I needed a similar thing today, but of course, I don’t want to be a copycat (although would it be wrong of me to buy the same handbag she has, assuming I ever come into any money?) so instead, I did chores, like laundry and cleaning the bathroom. I went to visit Lisa and we watched our boyfriends on Comedy Central. But that wasn’t enough. Oh no.

Ever since I saw this picture, I have been dying to do it to someone’s books. I have begged my friends to let me do it to theirs, and I have considered breaking into Karen’s house (it only took her nine years to give me the door code after all) to attack her library, but she would no doubt kill me if I did. I thought I couldn’t do it to my own books because I am somewhat anal when it comes to keeping my books, DVDs and magazines in perfect order when everything else around me is chaos. Then it hit me – if I deorganise my books, I will have the satisfaction of filing them into a different order, and the next time that I freak out, I can realphabetise them to calm me down.

books in piles
Half my books in piles, sorted approximately by spine colour

The end result is nowhere near as awesome as it would be if almost all of my book spines had not faded to a pale blue. Ah well, behold a crappyass picture anyway:

books by hue
Pink to red to orange to yellow to green to blue to grey to black to white

And now that’s done, I might go and soak my stupid thighs in a hot bath. You will no doubt be pleased to know that the occasional chunk of blood is coming out today, which means that this current bout of preMS is over. Tomorrow I will: do some work, drop off a present for someone, drop off Kim’s coat, go to the doctor who won’t give me another lexapro prescription over the phone but at least this way I can ask for a referral to a gynocologsyt in the hopes of getting some help with the way that my periods hold me hostage – and also maybe some more sleeping pills, then I will do some community consulting with Ros, then go to Matt’s goodbye drinks. Crikey.

5 responses to “Keep calm and carry on”

  1. I wouldn’t have minded if you’d copied me. Why wouldn’t you? I’m awesome. 🙂


  2. Ok. I have a million piles of washing to do, a house to tidy before visitors and girls to care for…but all I’m doing right now is eyeing up our bookshelf. Very cool.


  3. YOu could come and do my bookshelves but first we need a few more miles miles of shelf space.


  4. Megan: I already have a metal water bottle so I don’t need a new one, but that handbag, wow, that’s another story.

    Mazzy: Maybe I should take a road trip to Hammy and come do it for you.

    Isabel: yeah nah, I don’t do Christchurch except for weddings…


  5. do you know what those bangs are? I mean several explosions coming from Roseneath, maybe a cannon going off?


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