A pictorial tale of things I have had in my mouth in the past months

1. The Queen Mother.

The Queen Mum

Really, this was actually just a teaspoon during High Tea at Martha’s Pantry for Kim’s birthday.

2. A bunch of dicks and tits


I made cookies for Maddest and Baddest.

3. A cake shaped like a donut

Donut cake

There was a Simpsons-themed pigout session at Lim’s (that’s Laura and Tim).

4. Pulled pork burger (not pictured)

Pulled pork for life

I got a little bit over-excited by the pulled pork burger at Monterey and expressed my love on the table.

5. Mussels and other amazing Malaysian food


Because of my work for Malaysia Kitchen, I got to go to lunch with a munch of food bloggers and Chef Wan, who is apparently very famous, and is also very entertaining.

6. Fancypants canapes as part of a progressive dinner

To celebrate the return of Theresa, the Mount Victoria Society had a progressive dinner. There were whores devours at mine, a BBQ at Anna Jane’s, and then amazing dessert’s at Chiara’s. Good times and no taxis needed!

6. An assortment of amazing treats including Rhubarb Gimlets for GGG


Every couple of weeks, Kim, Kate, Laura, Willow and I get together to drink gin and watch Gossip Girl. Normally Blair and Chuck are the ones we like, but we’re okay with Blumphrey, actually.

7. Deep-fried Soft Shell Crab at Kura in Auckland

I have crabs

Work meetings in Auckland had the additional bonus of meaning I could have dinner with Heather&Ben, Peter and Russell. Needless to say, I gave them crabs. And they loved it.

2 responses to “A pictorial tale of things I have had in my mouth in the past months”

  1. You’re the hostess with the mostess! I always love seeing what you cook for your amazing parties. Now I’m hungry…


  2. Holy crap you’ve been posting again. FUCKING YAY! Thank you for making my Friday night. Yes, I am a sad, sad housewife. Now, back to internet stalking you…


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