Happy Galentine’s Day

There’s no brunch, because it’s a work day, and honestly, frittata is just quiche, but I figure Galentine’s Day is a good day to shout out to my ladies. Because ladies are the best. #blatantmisandry

In alphabetical order…

  • Anna, catsitter and couch-cleaner extrodinaire, who upped her game by leaving me apricot pie AND picking me up at the airport last weekend. It is always hilarious sharing online ‘dating’ stories – and online dates – with her.
  • #bestgirls, Jo and Kini. I’m going to see them in Melbourne in May and I cannot fucking wait. Why isn’t it now? Jo is always at the other end of FB Messenger for all of my subtweeting or if I need a safety person, and Kini, well, just knowing she exists makes me happy.
  • Cow-orkers, just a couple of them, but especially Iona, who is possibly even drier than me, if that’s possible. It is a pleasure being the “young” technical one with you. Thanks for all the bears.
  • Demelza, my married Single White Female, who tried to deliver me wine and cheese on a particularly stressful day for me, but was unable to buy the wine because she didn’t have ID. This despite the fact that she looks enough like me that Facebook is always trying to tag pictures of her as me. I couldn’t wish for a better identical twin, even though I wish she was taller so I could borrow more of her clothes without exposing my flaps.
  • Florence, who melts my heart every time she headbutts her way under my duvet and flops down against me. Her meow may sound like The Nanny when she wants attention, and I’d rather she didn’t hook a claw into me when she refuses to let me stop stroking her, but oh boy she is lovely. Every time I look at her I get the Phoenix Foundation’s “Going Fishing” stuck in my head because of the line “Sweet little girl…”
  • Heather, who I spent a very pleasant weekend with in Auckland, and who bought me wine tastings cos she felt so bad about accidentally making me walk up a big hill in the hot hot sun on Waiheke and accepted that I was going to be grumpy for a little bit until I regained the ability to breathe again.
  • Kates, all the Kates in my life, whether it be my best friend of 29 years Kate B, who is in New York but we’re planning our 30th anniversary already, Kate H who gleefully received my “I JUST HAD A BEN V” message and remembers the good (and bad) old days of uni, or Kate my neighbour who keeps our shared garden looking amazing, is always heaps of fun to drink with and just laughed when she heard all the swearing from my house on September 20th.
  • My mum who is finally mellowing out now she has reached retirement age, and doesn’t mind me posting videos of her Lorde impression to Facebook.
  • My sisters, who have come to accept that their little sister is useless with her money, and are okay with helping out their furry nephew (Anji) or fronting with the cash for our holidays (Karen). They’re also pretty damn supportive in general.
  • Pashfriend, who has, quite frankly, the most perfect ass in the land. I don’t know why she likes me, but she does, so that’s pretty great.
  • Raena, who is constantly thinking of me and sending me things that would interest me. The union spirit is strong with this one and I love it. She left a lemon party in my pantry, if you know what I mean.
  • Tash Lampard, aka the most lovely creature on the planet, one half of Webstock, which is next week and I am so happy about it. I used to have a sign above my desk that said “How would Tash write it?” because every piece of communication I read from her is like getting a hug and a high five from a panda bear. I dream of being her when I grow up.
  • The Feminazi Twitterati: Need I say more?
  • Wellingtonista women – we’ve been doing it for ten years now!

Chances are I’ve forgotten plenty of people. I hope I do enough every day to make you realise just how much I value you though.

HAPPY GALENTINE’S DAY. And let’s never speak about how Parks & Recreation only has five episodes left ever. Let’s end this here instead…

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