Keeping busy

pictures of socks with seb and flo on them

We’re into double digit days now folks, which is pretty exciting. The days that dragged on forever have also blurred into a quick run. I’ve successfully kept myself occupied – thanks in no small part to all the wonderful people who’ve helped.

My first big test comes tomorrow when I spend the day with my family for my parents’ 50th anniversary without drinking. Of course, now I’ve finished This Naked Mind I am of course totally cured, right, so it won’t be an issue? But if I think back to times when I have been uncomfortable at family events, a lot of my angst has come from having an empty glass and wondering how to get in another drink before my mother notices and comments passive-aggressively on how much I’m drinking. If alcohol is just not an option then there’s no angsting over not having alcohol. Perhaps the book works after all. We’ll see. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day in the Wairarapa and the food will be tasty, and my sisters and brothers-in-lawish will be wonderful, and everything will be good. And then I get to see a babe later so that is also something to look forward to.

Today’s accomplishments were basically doing a lot of laundry and also going out for lunch with Anji. She gave me a late-arriving Xmas present, and almost made me cry – both because of my sweet cat Florence who I miss so much, and also because I also gave personalised socks for Xmas to a sweet cat boy who I miss very much as well.

pictures of socks with seb and flo on them

But I didn’t cry! Haha! And I didn’t cry yesterday, and last night I slept through the whole goddamn night WITHOUT taking a sleeping pill and Seb even played his part and didn’t wake me up at 2am to be fed! Honestly I know that’s a lot of exclamation marks but it was an incredible feeling. On the health tip, I got all my blood results back and everything was great except for my b12, which totally gets depleted by stress, so I went and got a b12 shot. It hurt a little bit, but I’m a big fan of instant solutions. It’s been ten days now, so I’m fixed, right? That’s all the work that I have to do?

Narrator: that is not all the work she has to do.

Speaking of unreliable narrators, what a load of old cobbers the new Dracula is. Honestly, could Drac be more of a David Brent? Wasn’t there a time when Sherlock was actually good? How do you people even sit through Dr Who if it’s like this? At least in half an hour after I have fed the neighbour’s cat and loaded the dishwasher I’ll get to watch the new episode of The Good Place. Today I am in a medium place, and I’m very relieved to be there. Long may it continue.

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