Playing games

The last time I hung out with my friend boy Stacey’s brother & partner, and sister & partner a year and a half ago or so, I’d been drinking all day at the Food Show, and had sore feet, yet I still managed to spend the evening making cocktails and winning at Sheriff of Nottingham by successfully smuggling many cocks into the village. Okay perhaps they were chickens. But either way, I looked forward to yesterday when I’d been invited to spend a day brunching and playing more board games. Of course though, the idea of another social event with people I didn’t know very well and when I wouldn’t be drinking made me feel super nervous.

Turns out I shouldn’t have been at all. Other people weren’t drinking either, and there was tons of sparkling grape juice (though note to self: sugar hangovers are definitely a thing). I rose early enough to make scones. Being alcohol free means I can’t sleep in past 9am these days, which is actually excellent. I won one round of Knowledge is Power and thought I was going to win at some card game but I had to surrender my hand and go and take delivery of my new couch then come back. I came close to winning at Unstable Unicorns, but accidentally revealed my ginormous unicorn card and couldn’t quite make it. Boy did that game have my number though. Baby Unicorn cards. Horse with dildo cards. Polyamorous unicorn cards. Ginormous unicorn cards. Stop being me, game! I need to buy it for myself and soon, because there is definitely much more game playing in my future. Like in 90 minutes when Anna and G come over, for starters. I am proud of myself for hanging out and hopefully being a good guest and having a lot of fun.

Today as the heat continued, I went to catch up with a friend I haven’t seen in possibly years, who is also going through a very hard time right now. I suddenly burst into tears when we were talking which is always fun, but the thing about old friends is that’s okay, you’ve been through a lot together, and you’re older and wiser now.

Seb has come to terms with the fact that his little top nook on the old couch is gone, but that there’s now a whole chaise for him to claim as his own, once I put a box next to the new couch so he can more easily climb up. Cat accessibility is now my number one household concern with all these high new furniture items floating around the house.

Speaking of home, you may recall that I painted my porch in rainbows. In response, my neighbours painted our fence black. I’m lying, it wasn’t actually in response, but I do like to pretend to be neighbours with beef (instead of them actually being the best bloody neighbours ever).

No counselling appointment this week because she had no vacancies, so I’ll have to manage my brain by myself (and with the help of the wonderful people whose support has helped convince me that I must be worth it cos they’re not idiots). Countdowns have started for closure. In five days I get to buy myself a pair of one month dry shoes. And Jo will be here in three weeks, which is also when I go to Auckland for the Fat Babe Pool Party.

Right now both my fringe and my nails are on the green end of turquoise instead of both being purple. I’m hoping I’ve shed the bad luck that apparently dark colours are at New Year’s, and maybe it was my fingers that were cursed. That’s a thing, right? The Case of the Cursed Fingers? People at work might not realise that my hair colour changes frequently, though they do comment on how nice it is to see someone wearing bright coloured clothes a lot. They’ll soon learn that’s me every day, hopefully. I might wear my ‘fat’ necklace to work too, because I’m not sure that I’m living my authentic self right now, trying to be polite and ignore the mountains of diet talk. I’m trying so hard to make a good first impression. I’m trying so hard at everything right now. I’m trying.

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