Dreamt of Strangers and they were Lovely

Wednesday, November 25th

Tahoma. That’s my font. Yeah. Annnnnnnyways.

What do I have to say for myself? Not a great deal actually. I can tell you about my really weird dream though. Okay. I was back in Auckland, walking around, and for some reason I came across my friend, and his ex girlfriend, and her friend Helena, whose page I’m always reading. I’ve never met the ex, or Helena, but both of them looked completly different from photos I’ve seen, and they were completly different from their webpages – and by that I mean they were all sunny and happy and friendly, not at all dramatic or angry. Helena took us up to her flat and it was HUGE. It just went on for ages and ages, all brand new and flash, although she said she only paid $100 rent a week. I remember walking around in it, asking her where each single piece of furniture came from, because it was all so cool. So yeah, anyways, that was just a dream. They really really liked me in the dream, and I just felt like I was completely on their level, which is different from real life I guess. I go and read Helena’s guestbook every so often – there are like 1600 entries now, and it’s such a clique, and it’s kind of amusing. Like, I fully respect her honesty and her strength, and her writing blows me away, but I dunno – there’s just something not quite right about her attitude. In my opinion anyways. I guess that’s the trouble with fan clubs. They make your head swell. Isn’t it about time you signed my guestbook?

Honesty and strength huh? Two things I pride myself on, two things that I lie to myself about. When I was writing up my Born page, I was all “I am Happy” and it’s true – just that there are things that worry me. I’m not perfect, and no man is an island. That’s choice though – I guess it’s just a question of looking at the WHOLE picture, rather than the little fragments. And as a WHOLE, I am blissfully happy. I’m going to a “Where the Wild Things Are” partay on Saturday at Anji’s flat, and if we’re both less sick, it’ll be fucking fantastic.

I’m so fully in shock when people make comments about stuff in my journal to me. Hulita and Andee read through ALL of Lovesong – now that is dedication! It’s also sorta psycho, but that’s okay – if any of you guys had online journals, I’d be the first to read it. Voyers’R Us.

Anyways, speaking of Lovesong, I realised that I only included like, the love songs in there. Now, that might sound obvious, but they’re not the only songs that move me – although they are generally Happy Memory songs, despite the fuckedupedness of it all. There are songs like “Daughter” by Pearl Jam that make me want to cry – that one’s the song I always pair with Emily – a girl I know who died of a brain tumour. Then there are songs like “Sweet Child of Mine” by GNR that really scare me. They played that at Dee’s party, and while all my friends were going crazy, I had to go outside to escape. My immediate reaction was to head for the toilet, then I realised that was the worst place I could go.

So I was sitting outside, enjoying the solitude when Brad came out so I had to talk to him. He probably figured I was completly drunk and on the verge of puking or something, which was totally not true. I had so little to drink at the party – I guess that’s the benifit of drinking in bars where you have to pay lots for each individual drink. It was still an enormasly cool party. I was first on the dance floor (Derek made us go onto it when they played the Backstreet Boys) and like last to leave.

It was really lovely, cos at the end of the night, they played “Loyal” and all of us – it was mostly Tutorial D people left – just stood in a circle with our arms around each other. Yes, cheesy and sweaty I know, but hey! I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by, and how much I’ve changed.

Who would have known at the start of the year that I’d dance publicly when not drunk? Or that I’d get so into the TMI I’d put my diary online?

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