I’m Miss World…

Friday the 27th of November

I love being cruel and shallow, and what better place to subscribe to that than watching the Miss World pagent? It was so fun, sitting there with my big sisters, mocking the shit out of all the contestants. Nothing is more satisfying than calling other girls fat, lardy, ugly, hidi or even just making comments about their clothes. So I’m shallow – hang me.

I know I’m a cruel person. One of the lads listed in Lovesong discovered his claim to fame yesterday, and I was fully shitting myself laughing at it. He was probably totally spewing, which is fantastic. He just takes himself too seriously, I think. I’m so evil though to get so much glee out of him getting mad. He didn’t say anything much about it, just that he had good reason to laugh at me cos he was listed on my page. I’m not sure he quite understood he’s in exactly the same context as crushes I had when I was twelve, except that I still have ever-so occasionally rare contact with him. If you’re reading this, and you know who you are, it’d be appropriate for your ears to be burning now.

Ummm what else? Mum was in a really really shitty mood today. She thinks I’m mean to her. Well, sure, of course I am, but it’s not like she gets treated a whole lot different from anyone else. She should harden up and learn not to take everything so personally. It all started cos she was sulking that her friend Paul didn’t call her to come over for his birthday. Jesus woman, isn’t one affair enough for you?

Tommorrow night I’m going to a “where the wild things are” partay, which should fully just be fantastic, as it’s at Anji’s flat, and they have DJs (not clubby shit – the real thing) and the coolest party I’ve ever been to was one of their themed partys – Jen’s Under the Sea 21st. I’m going in monster slippers and a matching tunic – yaaaay. Let’s get ready to rumble! No wait – the rumble’s the weekend after, at another party. I SWEAR I won’t start anything, but if Scott attacks me, which he probably will, I WILL fight back.

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