December 2, 1998

So it’s the last month of 1998 now. Shit, where did the time go? A year ago tomorrow would have been the Ball, the last time I saw most of the people from Onslow, but that feels like almost yesterday. It was such a fabulous night, too. So bizzare to be lost in the Botanical Gardens at dawn, then riding in a taxi with Kate to get the first bread of the morning from the French bakery, and devour it on the way home. Of course, I slept in until four pm and when I woke up, all I wanted to do was tell Matt about my night. NO! I so refuse to live in the past, but it’s sort of hard to do, cos I honestly feel like I’m back in last year again. I mean, it’s summer, and I do little all day except sit around on the internet and sleep. I probably should get a job. Maybe that’d refocus me on the present year. It’s like all the time I’ve been over him gets discounted by the fact that this time last year was when things started to happen. I can do a day by day breakdown of it for you, on the appropriate date if you like, because god knows I’ll be thinking about it.

It’s kinda weird knowing I’m writing for an audience, and furthermore, knowing who most of my audience is. I will never tell my parents where to find my webpage, but I did give Anji the URL, although I told her not to read my journal, but I know if she wants to, she’ll read it from her flat. So, “HEY ANJI!” . Oh yeah, and while I’m playing requests:

She alternates

between two seperate states

small town famous for a soft drink

its landmark so compliant

a model of the drink, a giant

and a

larger town famous for

absolutely nothing at all

“welcome to the waikato where the sheep are scared”

But she isn’t scared of life at all

Gil, are you ill?

maybe you should take a pill

I haven’t done a whole lot today. Does it show? Yesterday I shopped all day long, trying to find a suitable birthday present for Mark. What do you buy a boy for his 21st when his party’s going to just be a big giant mess? I found him something eventually, and it cost me $25 too, which is like, lots. I bought a cable to link my stereo to my computer, so that I can dub all my Tori Amos mp3s off for Karen – a cheap but very thoughtful xmas pressie. I’m not all that rich. But I’d love people to give me lots and lots of pressies. It’s the thought that counts, really it is. Ummmmm what other little things can I throw in? That’s all. I’m going to go now.

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