Where the Wild Things Are

Sunday the 29th of November

I tumbled into bed this afternoon at about three and slept till Mum woke me for dinner. I slept deep enough to dream, too. I must have been exhausted. Despite having a shower, my feet are still pitch black, and feel really tender. It was a hard night last night, in bare feet. Shall we go through it in chronological order?

Yesterday evening I went to a bbq at the Bentons’ house. Their daughter Kate is my Long Term best friend – we’ve known each other since we were 5, and despite various moves and stuff, we’re still really close. Her parents are about the closest friends that my parents have. Kate was only there briefly, but that’s cool, cos I like her parents. However, I wasn’t really feeling all that chatty, so I took over finishing up all the food preperation while drinking pina coladas. I feel completly at ease in their house. It’s half of where I grew up – between 1986 and 1991 anyways. Plus I stayed there for a couple of weeks on holiday from Japan, but Kate and I are too similar to live together, I think. Preparing the food was another thing I’m used to. Diplomat Brat that I was, helping the hostess or playing with the little kids was what I did at all the embassy functions and parties. I so pity the Me I used to be, and I’m so glad to be who I am now.

And who I am now is someone a whole lot braver. Neil drove me into town just before 8pm, stopping to pick up Karen. Everyone at Anji’s flat was just sort of sitting around, starting to drink and relaxing after decorating. The lounge boasted a massive motorized mirrorball with purple and turquoise lights off it, and Dagal’s (massive) bedroom was draped with a camo net and foliage. Turntables, a smoke machine, lasers and strobes were all also set up in there – these people know people, man!

Karen and I went into Anji’s bedroom where I twisted glass baubles into her hair, and put on my tunic and lots and lots of green eyeshadow. She wasn’t so keen to leave the room, so I humoured her for a bit – before I got too bored and wanted to go out and talk to more people. The two pina coladas and the subsequent many glasses of red helped with that. Almost no one else made much of an effort with their costumes – not even the flatmates themselves. That’s okay – I didn’t feel too bad, cos I just called everyone else pillocks. Then, when I started getting really twitchy, cos I could hear the trance pumping out, and no one was dancing yet, I went and danced by myself. It was actually really cool, having like a whole room to myself apart from the guy that was DJing, and all the lights going and everything – it was like being royalty. So I went hard, and it was terrific. I love wearing flares with bare feet, cos the extra fabric slaps against your legs in a kind of cool way. After a while, Mark Todd, (named by Katy Troup and I at the Gathering – Mark cos that’s his name, Todd cos he looks like the looser Todd from SVH) came in and started dancing too going “look, I’ve doubled your numbers”. I was so glad when he left though, cos he’s so the most boring person in the world, and I really dislike him. People entering the party all looked into Dagal’s room, and probably thought I was completly and utterly the freakiest person in the world, for dancing by myself, and I loved that. It was maybe the coolest part about it. Anji told me that her friend Andrew said that I was really cool, trying to get everyone to dance, so that made me feel special.

But it gets hot, and it gets tiring dancing, so I also spent a lot of time siting down and talking and stuff. Anji was sick, so she wasn’t moving very much. Instead, people gathered around her, paying court. That was good to have a place to come back to, cos around 100 people were at the party. I knew quite a few people there from Jen’s 21st, from the Gathering, and also just from hanging around with Anji so much. Her friend Joseph, who’s been my distant crush for ages didn’t go, so that was a wee bit of a bummer, but oh well. Her ex b/f Adam was there – he’s such a NICE boy. Rather disturbing really. Nice people just really kinda scare me, I have to admit. Anji made him go and dance with me, which wasn’t a real big stretch for him, since he is a rave bunnie. And later he walked to Macdonalds with me, when I had a cheeseburger shaped hole eating me up from the inside out. I wouldn’t have minded going by myself – I’m not afraid – but he was going to City Stop anyways. Weird shop that – just like a petrol station without the petrol. Or the forecourt.

Sometime that night, and I think it was before the Macdonalds excursion, I was sitting down by myself. Well, I’d been in a conversation to my right, but my left side was empty. So this guy plonks himself down in the chair next to me, and being friendly, I turned and said Hi to him. I started talking to him, and like immediatly, he’s touching my sleeves and neckline – they were edged in white, and therefore glowing in the UV light, but still…. He was okay to look at, but he really shouldn’t have opened his mouth, because he had such a bogan voice. His name was Glen and he was a bicycle courier, although he wanted to be a graphic artist or something. He scabbed red wine off me – how nice am I? But he was soooo boring and so boganish, so when Karen came up to me I grabbed her and we went off to the dance room. She didn’t want to dance though, so we had to go back and sit down again. However, she knew about my situation then, so she started putting her arms around me and stuff. It was so funny, I just sat there in hysterics until Glen buggered off.

I was doing shots with Anji’s flatmate Melinda and some of her friends. I had one of Jim Beam, and then because neither of my sisters would have one, I had to have another. Bleeaaaaacuh. The Cointreau was more fun – especially when we lit it. Melinda’s little sister who was two years behind me at Onslow also came. I didn’t know her then and I don’t know her now (even though she apparently knows me). I’m just mentioning that cos it was like such a family atmosphere. Karen drank a bit too much and sort of slumped in a corner, so eventually I took her down to Dixon Street and put her in a cab. At first she wanted me to come in the cab with her, but luckily she changed her mind. She got really fiesty with these guys that pushed past us in Cuba Mall, but I was just laughing, skipping around in my bare feet. Once she was gone, I could feel a lot less responsible.

I met a nice lad. He was talking to Anji and I was talking to her, but then she got up so I moved over and talked to him by myself. I guess maybe saying that he looked like a puppy waiting to be adopted only all the shoppers went for kittens instead probably wasn’ the best way to start the conversation. He was like, mock offended, so I told him he should be relieved that at least I didn’t say he was ‘so ’95’. But he got confused, and as time wore on, he kept getting complaining that I’d called him that. His name was Chris, and he was from Scotland, which meant he had a dishy dishy accent like John Hannah (the actor, not our old science teacher….) mmmmmmmm. He’s a builder on the Stadium right now, ugly hunk of concrete that it is. We talked for ages about travelling. I’m like the only person I know that doesn’t want to go travelling. Call me a freak, but I like security. Anyways, eventually he went. I totally dug him. MmmmmmmmmMmmMMmm.

He flats with Crazy Steph, a British chick who works at Axolotl with Anji. Crazy Steph was really really drunk last night, and spilt red wine all over her Jackie O dress. She was cool though, cos she said she’d seen lots of photos of me in sheets (family portraits – don’t ask – I’ll scan them one day) and said I was really really glamourous. So yay, I love anyone that compliments me like that. She rang Anji to apologise for being such a fool in the morning, and she thought I must have thought she was a complete looser. No way dude! I’m GLAMOUROUS AND PHOTOGENIC!!! Annnnnyways. Anji told her that Chris had been totally bewildered by my scathing remarks. Really? Whoops. Oh well – maybe at least he’ll remember me this way!

Once the crowd had thinned a lot, Murray finally put on some Drum’n Bass, so me and Anji immediatly sprang up to dance. It was so choice, the bass was like all consuming and it was just the best. But we were lured in under false pretences, cos they only played like one track’s worth of it before switching to Mad Happy Hardcore. That was amusing, but fucking tiring. Murray and Dagal and Andrew went absolutely mad to it, just like they did at the Gathering. Then finally they turned it off, and we all just sat around by the open windows, talking and laughing. Murray kept putting on my viking helmet and climbing out onto the fire escape to yell at passers by “I’m horny”. It was really really choice. I went to sleep on the bed in the lounge, street lights streaming in because there were no curtains. Somehow I managed to stay asleep until the cleanup began in the morning. I walked up cuba street barefoot, bedraggled and in my pajamas to buy fresh bread for everyone’s breakfast. It was Cuba Street, so no one blinked an eye.

I’ve been to where the wild things are, and I was among the wildest there.

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