Give me stuff

Friday the 11th of December

I worked at the Bakehouse AGAIN today, and NO ONE, female or otherwise, came on to me. Maybe I’m loosing my charm. But OOOOOH Oooooooh, something exciting DID happen to me – I got quoted in Annette’s journal, and now I feel like a star. Thanks Annette! Not that I know her, other than reading her journal every day. I have like five people’s journals bookmarked. I feel like a voyer sometimes, but it’s so fun, especially when I start interacting with those people a little.

Ummm. That’s really about all. Thanks for reading this anyways! I’m so sure there was other shit I was going to mention, but now I can’t remember. I sent a letter to today. I bet it won’t get accepted but oh well.

AAAAAAAAAAAH can’t take the pressure but I have nothing else to say. Umm Helena’s journal entry today is SO nasty, and so I figure if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, and I’m going to cut this short now.

What to give Joanna for Xmas

cds – or just cd vouchers to make sure you get it right

*The Gathering CD, either Placebo, Portishead Live (enhanced version), “My Body the Hand Grenade” (Hole bsides) etc

makeup – I especially want some rogue pulp loreal lipsticks in any colour

more vouchers from any store

umm stuff. Cool stuff.


stuff from infomercials, especially knives and pots\

spice girls merchandise – but only if it features Geri

Radiohead’s Video compliation thing – Seven Television Commercials –

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