As Seen on TV

Where’s that watch taking you? Kate rang me awake from dreams of Banana Barons with hairy necks, to ask when we were going to the As Seen on TV shop. She told me it was 10.30am and said she’d pick me up in an hour, so I rang Amy to arrange a rendevouz. Amy told me it was 11.30, and I believed her, so I rang up Kate and pointed out the error of her ways. Together we discovered that her watch also believed it was the 3rd of January, 1995. Never trust a casio baby g, even if you wanna be trendy. So once we’d established the actual time, and stuff, I arranged to meet up with A&A in front of the shop at quarter to two.

Kate and I went to Queensgate before hand, trying not to act too cool to be in Lower Hutt. It was hard. We were scared. But I think the guy that served us at macdonalds was scareder cos Kate was going hardcore to get her free big mac. She wanted to get a voucher just for enthusiasm – I had to drag her away.

At least Macdonalds was happening. I was SO disappointed in the As Seen on TV shop. It was just all these untidy boxes, and ugly people clambering through them – just the type of morons you’d expect to watch infomercials. (Me watching them while drunk/in Hamilton being the exception). There were no Victoria Jackson cosmetics for only $1 each. The only thing I was mildly interested in buying was the Susanne Paul ‘Blue Monkey’ cd/video/tape for $2. But the que full of ugly people was too long, so I flagged.

I went to Horokiwi with Amy and Andee, but Amy was in a shit of a mood, so that sucked to my asthma. I think it’s her boyfriend. I’m not at all impressed with him, and I do wish she’d end it. Really I am just thinking of her own good. Like, as much as I hate the guy, if he did good things for her, it’d be okay. But he just drags her down into the shit. I shouldn’t go on about it – it just really upsets me to spend time with her when she’s like this.

Ummmmm that’s about it. I baked a chocolate cake for my mommy who said she wanted one. But then she went and had dessert at Smacksalotl before she came home anyways. Sigh.

Oh, and I started a new section on my page – it’s for thoughts that don’t quite fit into my journal. Find it here. I’m in an ICQ chat with all these people from Vision now, and they’re talking complicated stuff, so I’m going to go sit in quiet awe now. Byeeeeee.

Stalk me at the Bakehouse tomorrow if you like.

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