Pressure (but I don’t sag)

Monday the 21st of December

JoannJo: “I wanna see a journal entry from you, missy”

Thomas: “it’s better than TV, now that Shortland Street isn’t on anymore”

Ahhhhhhhhhhh fans. They’re the shit, bro! You see, today was a fairly non day. I mean, I slept in, veged aroudn, did two hours of work at Leonie’s. She was collating replies to a survey of students who went to Japan on an exchange.

Q: What was the highlight of your trip?

A: The plane ride.

It made me realise that even if Japan did fuck me up some, at least I made the most out of my experiances there. Mum was asking me if I wanted a book of photos of Japan, ‘to help you remember it’. I was like “um -there really isn’t all that much about Japan that I want to remember”. Which is mostly true, but surely in all of those four years, there must have been some good bits, other than Beth and Brittany. Yeah this is teenage angst, and it’s largely incoherant, so I’ll change the subject. My stories are elsewhere. (Look Mom, no link!)

Aren’t online journals fun? Yes they are, but I’m just clutching at conversation straws now, so I’ll leave you with another picture. The cartoon last night was a self portrait of Penny, drawn in fifth form and coloured in with care by me. This is from the same series, and it’s me. Don’t freak out too much if you can help it.

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