Where Everyone Gets a Bargain

Tuesday the 22nd of December

For some fucked up reason, I agreed to work for Leonie at 9 in the morning, which meant I had to be dragged out of bed at some heinous hour. I did more collation of survey responses with her, this time dealing with parental feedback on the exchange. It was actually quite entertaining, cos she told me about all the scandels and bitching that went on. One girl (a Marsden Bitch, natch) took thousands of dollars worth of gifts for her host family – including LIVE CRAYFISH. For gods sakes, don’t people know what RESTRAINT means? Or GOOD TASTE?

So yeah, I worked there until 1pm, when Momma finally arrived to pick me up. We went to Ragey Johnsonville Mall, and had lunch in the food court, before doing a little shopping. She didn’t know where Soundz was, so I was like “oooh obviously YOU didn’t spend your wagging time in here”. It’s sad that I do know my way around that mall – not that it’s very big or anything. We We went to the Warehouse, and spent ages in it. It’s such a useful shop! I bought Momma a teletubbies book. I couldn’t resist, because she hates them so much, since I made her watch it with me once. The book’s called “Tubby Custard” which is the catchphrase she screeches whenever I mention the Teletubbies. She scares me a bit. I also got Anji a Winnie the Pooh notice board, and some glow in the dark pens. And roll-on glitter (fuckng cool stuff) and a Little Miss Naughty address book. Not all of that was from the Warehouse though.

In the evening, Karen invited herself over for dinner, but we’d decided to go out, so we went to the Backbencher. It was really nice food, despite that it’s also a pub, so there were larrikans drinking there. I had a vension salad. The bluecheese wontons in it were pausewitheyesclosed delicious. Plus I got unintentionally groped by the cute waiter when he misjudged putting my plate down. But that was just around my stomach, not my breasts, luckily. Our table was really close to the bar, and at one stage, this ugly bastard turned around and set his empty beer glass right on our table. I smiled a big smile at him and was like “yeah choice” and gave him two thumbs up, “that’s okay, we really didn’t need our dining room table anyways,eh!”. He sheepishly picked up his glass and took it to the bar. Later I overheard him telling his drinking companions about it. Sure, it may seem petty, but really! It was OUR space.

Karen came back to Ngaio with us to bake muffins in our oven, and I sulked around because my page wasn’t working properly (that fucking photos link!) and cos I wanted to get back into town to go visit Anji. Eventually she was done. We had a spat in the car, because she was taking too long to finish her sentence, and I told her not to bother because I was sure that she had nothing important to say. Ouch. Yeah, I know that was too harsh. It sort of came out wrong. But to make it up to her, I invited her to hang with me and Jo on NYE. She’ll probably pike early on us – just so long as she has some fun, that’s cool.

After dropping her off, I went into Axolotl, and Anji was sooo sad, i felt really bad. I hung out there for a while, then took her home. Karen was still up, so she showed me her new room. I was very pissed off to learn that Annushka (best friend) had given her “the Magic Toyshop” by Angela Carter for Xmas when I’d specifically rung Annushka to ask her if Karen had it, since I’d just bought it for her. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So now I need to get a new pressie for her.

Then I picked up a Woman’s Day, and went to sit and goss to Anji in her room while she painted glasses for her flatmates. I stayed there until like 1am, so I didn’t go online when I got home. Yes, shock horror! But I’d spent a lot of the afternoon revamping my webpage, and joining rings and stuff. Yay, emails and guestbook signings from strangers again. That’s always cool!

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