Non-accidental Drowning

Wednesday the 6th of January, 1999

Okay, so I’ll be a verdana girl today. Except it’s not like, really really small. Or is it? Maybe I do have scars after all. I hope y’all know what I mean. You musta read those sorts of journals. Okay, the font’s going bigger again. Hey, it’s one am. If I wanna play, I will. (because I want to, because I want to)

We went to the beach again today, and these three little kids were singing all of Billie’s greatest hits (hahaha). Jo and I almost shit ourselves laughing as we joined in singing “Girlfriend”. Only, we don’t know all the words, so if someone wants to email them to me, I’ll love you long time. Then we did the “give it to me baby” thing as well, and got funny looks for grunting the “uh huh, uh huh”. Honestly, the kids were all like under ten. You’d think they’d be a bit more open minded. Jo didn’t try to drown me today, unlike last time, which is sort of a relief. She said that she never tried to, but we all know that she is lying.

Oh yeah, there was more to my day than just swimming. I left the house at 9am, and took Momma into the Bakehouse, then I went and did three hours at Leonie’s, and finished all the work she had for me to do. I got to use an Iris pen some of the time – that was fun. That’s like a tiny wee scanner thing that goes directly into text, if you didn’t know. It actually took more time than typing, but I was bored. Then I went home and picked up Charly, and we went to lunch with Karen.

We went to Sardine in the Duke’s Arcade, which used to be Cafe Aroma, with the most heinous organ player. But obviously it’s not anymore. All the food looked really nice, so I was kinda disappointed in my cajun chicken pasta, but it was still nice. This really scummy guy was sitting too close to us, which was a tad off putting. At one stage he asked Karen if he knew her from somethingorather – she so froze, it was kinda funny.

And Charly bought me a piece of chocolate cake, because I bought her lunch. Neither of us mentioned last night, so that’s a good thing I guess. I mean, I do feel bad about being so mean about everything. It’s just a bad time of the month I guess, and I’m super-emotional. No Mum, I’m NOT pregnent. I took so many pain killing drugs today, and they didn’t kick in until after the chocolate cake. Mmmmmm.

So yeah. Then I sent Charly to meet Jo at the fountain cos I had to go to the bank, and they took sooooooo long, like half an hour. I needed a bank cheque out of my savings account, but I couldn’t find my passbook, and I don’t have a card for it, since it’s supposed to be SAVING, and so there were all sorts of hassles. Eventually, I got it sorted though, a loverly big cheque for $3384. Unfortunatly, it’s made out to AIT, not me. Whatever happened to Free Education?????? Fuck you very much, Lockwood and Wyatt.

Annnnyways. Then we went to Jo’s house and quickly got changed, and went back to the beach we went to the other day. That’s where the kids were. It was cold, but it was still good, and it felt really healthy and bracing and all that good shit. Then I drove back to her house in my wet clothes, cos last time her and Charly perved too much while I was changing. You’d think they’d never seen a girl trying to put her bra on discreetly before or something!

So yeah. Back to Jo’s house, then to the dairy for eyescreams, and then I dropped her off in town and picked up my parents. We had nachoes for dinner, then I went to bed at 6.30pm, for a nap. I woke up sometime later, when i heard the vaccum cleaner, but drifted off again. I figured if Charly wanted to use the net, she could go on Dino (Baby doesn’t have a login script, and no one knows my Ihug password). When I woke up, it was after 10pm, she was reading in the lounge with my parents, and they’d unassembled the Xmas tree. I was so glad I missed that, cos I hate doing it. Stripping it of its ornaments and chucking it over the bank is so depressing. And boring too. Then I went online, so unless Charly was online this morning while I was at work, she wasn’t on all day long. Which is probably healthy.

Si thinks I’m not all that much of a bitch about the whole thing, which I guess is kind of a relief. I mean, I feel bad that I haven’t been very supportive. I wish wish wish i was a nicer person.

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