Stuff I thrive on

Sunday 10th of January, 1999

Oooooooh controversy!

Honestly, how have you people gone so long without reading my journal? Did you really expect that I’d be all light and sweetness in it forever?

I’ve been told that if I don’t change my attitude, I will lose all my friends. The interesting thing is that was said to me by someone who isn’t high on my list of priorities anyway (even before I got all fucked like I have been lately). He wasn’t impressed with my descriptions of his friends that I wrote about in my journal over a month ago. (Dec 5). Why does everyone expect me to like their friends? That’s not the way I work. I can be polite, nice, tactful, but if I don’t like them, then I don’t like them.

It’s my parents’ 29th anniversary and Shortland Street begins again tommorrow.

Gosh, this centre formatting is fun. I will continue with it.

As for my attitude, I have always had an attitude, and if I can make friends with it, I’m sure I can break friends too. That, by the way, isn’t connected to the numbness I’ve been feeling lately. I just get tired of people being suprised if I do something bitchy, when they should totally expect it.

See, I accept me, and I’m perfectly happy. Now I feel like I’m going on the defensive, which is sort of unnecessary, but all I did today was read and sleep, and this gives me something to write about.

Speaking of reading, I finished “My Year of Meat” today. I’m so glad that my father works for MAF and can reassure me that the NZ Beef industry is nothing like the US one.

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