Tubby Bye Bye

Monday the 11th of January, 1999

So yeah. Um. Oh yeah

I just clicked while I was in the shower (that’s where I do a lot of thinking, cos it takes so long to wash my hair) that my ‘attitude’ of late is pretty similar to what I went through in June ’95.

That’s when I realised that I didn’t like most of my friends and I was afraid of losing my own identity by continuing to act as if I did. So basically, I turned really nasty, pulled a whole lot of nasty tricks and ended up splitting a social group in half.

Except here in ’99 I’m more comfortable with myself, so we’ll call it Spring Cleaning.

Fuck that sounds facecious. It’s not the majority of people that I feel this way about anyways. So don’t misunderstand me – if I’m vaccuming you up and throwing you out, you’ll know. Otherwise, please assume that I still like you.

Mum watched the teletubbies again with me today. She called it “Assanine”. I think she secretly loves it and is just afraid to get in touch with her inner Tubby.

And on that note, I’m leaving. Yup, tonight I pack Baby up in boxes and leave it behind while I make the trek up to Auckland. Once we’ve found a flat I’ll be back. In the meantime, have the links to the journals that I frequent:

sothere.com annette tamika brooke heather helena jo karen rachael

Please don’t forget about me. If you need more, blahblah has been updated too.

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