Missed Me?

Friday the 22nd of January, 1999

Hoooly shite, 11 days. Goddam, how have y’all coped without me? Well, good news. I’m back now. Back to stay. Yeah. I didn’t miss IRC at all the whole time while I was travelling, just a couple of people off it. Mostly I missed my ICQ list, and my journal. It got to the point where I was lying awake hot summer nights, unable to sleep, writing out drafts in my head. That works out just great for you, because although you have missed ten days of my life, when I do finally get around to writing them, they’ll be astonishingly descriptive and poetic.

So yeah. This guy knocked on our door two minutes ago, and said he’d spotted our empty front room and was wondering if we needed a flatmate. We don’t. They’re moving in reaaaal soon. Clayton and Layton. Classy names huh?

Anyways, I will write soon. Later tonight. There is red wine to drink.


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