Saturday 23; January, 1999

This is not South Auckland. I should become an architectural drafter when I grow up.

That’s my house. Do you like it? I do. Except that Thomas pointed out (this is something I should have known from ‘Trainspotting anyways) that the anti-constipation medicine I found in the wardrobe is quite likely to be related to heroin usage, which would explain the blackened spoons and the fact that my room is the only place in the house that never smelt of pot. So yay. Genuine junkies have keys to my house. The landlord doesn’t get back until wednesday, but he left a message on my answering machine (Hi, Joanna, Simon, Clayton and Layton aren’t home right now……) saying we’ll ‘talk about it then’. Hmmmmm.

But I’m getting more settled in. Sure, I stayed up to 4.30am last night so that I’d be able to sleep straight away instead of feeling nervous (didn’t work) but hey! Once the other two have moved in, it’ll be sweetass bro. The guy that came by yesterday wondering if we had an empty room came back again today. He left his name and number in case one of the flatmates ever decides to move out. He really likes the look of our house and the area. His aunt lives up the road. DOOOOOODGY. I wonder if we’re being cased by the Triads. Life is so colourful.

I scrubbed at the tub and tiles for like an hour today and they’re still filthy. Ah well, I can finish them off tomorrow I guess. We also went to the supermarket – such a domestic day. I can see that I’m going to have to teach Simon to cook. He’s threatening terminal baked beans if I make him do dinner ever. Hmmm the grammer in that last sentence was interesting, but correct, I do believe. His car wouldn’t start when we got out with the groceries, so we had to call the AA. The guy was wearing really short shorts. That made me laugh. But he solved it, so that was sweetass bro.

Did I mention that I watched the Wrestling? Well, half an hour of it anyways. I nearly shit myself laughing. GO GO GO tag teams! Yeah. Ummm. Oh, and play the ‘Where’s That Drink Taking You?” game. It’s really amusing. That’s all.


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