A Confession

Saturday 30; January, 1999
I never realised when I bought my bed this morning that I’d find someone so quickly that I wanted to share it with. I mean, I was thinking that since I had such a big room, I could do with a queen bed. I didn’t expect this though.

I’d seen him before, known about him since I was a kid, basically. Sure, I’d thought he was cute and stuff before, but tonight I realised I was in love.

Of course, the age difference worried me a little at first. But I’ve had tiny crushes on younger guys before – like Josh, so I figured it was no big deal. I know it won’t bother him either, cos I watched him flirt with Martha all night, and she’s definatly older than him.

I know he wants her, and not me. Oh Corey, Corey – why can’t you be mine?

Fuck the Goonies ROCKS.

Oh dear. I’m scared about my mental state. This is what happens when Kate Benton STANDS ME UP. Okay, so I didn’t hear her knock cos I was watching 90210 – she said after that she’d come around tonight AND SHE NEVER DID.

That’s alright. I had other ways to occupy myself. By now you all would have realised I’ve moved to Vision. And Annette’s got a little story projecty thing happening too that I’d working on. I have the internet – I don’t need real friends.


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