Legless – Again

Monday 1; Febuary, 1999
Make Out Monday. God bless TV4 Marketing.

Kate and Theresa woke me up asking for towels, which I guess was better than them asking for tshirts to sleep in before then coming back and going “Can we have some boxer shorts too please? Both Kate and I are wearing G-strings and it’s not a pretty sight”. Then I went back to sleep until like 1.30pm.

Later I discovered a message from Anji on the answerphone, so I rang her back on my cellphone so as to not run up unexpected bills later. We gossiped for about 15 minutes, her telling me crazy stories and me trying to do the same. So that was choice. She apologised for panicking me out when Karen went into hospital.

Kate rang to tell me that they’d found a flat, and that her and Theresa would be around at 8pm with more alcohol to CELEBRATE this time. I had nothing else to do, so I just bummed around all day. Then I watched lots of TV, including “Favourite Moments of 90210”. Man, that all went downhill when Brenda left. I mean, I love Valerie and all, but it’s just not the same.

Anyways, Kate and Theresa showed up like an hour and a half late with their friend Marissa, and two casks of white wine. We heated up the leftover pizza in our scarily unclean oven, and sat out on the patio, them smoking up a storm. White wine and I don’t get along too well, so I didn’t guzzle quite as fast as the rest of them.

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