You Can Feel It Too, If You Like

Tuesday 2; March, 1999

My, Joanna – that’s a weird looking background!

Isn’t it just? I got a nice big paycheck yesterday, so I went shopping today. Nyah Nyah Nyah.

What else? Hmmmm. Oh yeah. I did some accidental stalking today. We went up to Uni to get free coffee and so my friends could pick up Craccum. Trudie asked me to autograph her copy, so I did. I got pissed off with Shirley and Trudie though, cos they weren’t paying any attention to my story that I was trying to tell them. Grrrrr.

That’s okay, cos I bought what you can see as the backdrop (yes, it’s a bra) which cheered me up. Tutorials were all kinda boring – just sitting whispering nasty comments to Shirley. In our half hour gap later, I went down to the $2 shop with Kate M, Peter, Brad, Nigel and Andrew. Brad and Kate are SO spading – Shirley and I have set up sweepstakes on when they’re actually going to get together. I bet on April 16th. I think. I’ll probably have to check my diary on that one.

Anyways, walking up Queen Street again, this chick stepped out and fully blocked our path. I was like “What the fuck?” cos she had her arms outstretched, and then I realised that it was Rachelle, a girl who was on the course last year, just all poshed up. So we all gave her big hugs, and had a big excited chat to her. I gave her an invite to my partay, and also my cellphone number. She’s clerking at a solicitors on the corner of Vulcan and High, so that’s classy.

I was very sleepy in tutorials. Wait, I’ve already been over those, haven’t I? Ummm. I made pizza for dinner tonight, like made the base and all. It wasn’t a yeasty one, so I guess that was nothing special. It’s pretty much a nothing-special kinda day. Except I’m so NOT going to do the dishes.

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