damn right I’m petty

Tuesday 3; March, 1999

Oh yeah in case you didn’t understand yesterday’s entry, it was a Melrose Place plot line. I’m not going to explain myself any further.

So today was one of those cruisy kinda days, because my first class started at 2pm. So I took the morning really slow, but I didn’t eat breakfast because I couldn’t find any toast – grrrrrr. But yeah. I got to the TV studios, where Brad was drinking a can of that new energy drink Lift. So I go “hey man – do you feel uplifted now?” but him and Trudie didn’t get it cos they thought I was just thinking they’d be uplifted by my being there. Which they should be, but I was also trying to make a really bad pun. Anyways, I tried the drink, and it was pretty standard, but then Brad told me they were giving them away in the Quad cos of Orientation events, so I took off at a run. When Trudie added there was also a free barbeque, I just sped up.

God bless the Mad Butcher, man. Free steak, sausages AND colslaw. I got my breakfast after all. Sure, they weren’t giving out Lift anymore, but

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