Cat Naps

Tuesday 9; March, 1999

“To win and hold goodwill, an organisation must operate ethically, communicate effectively, and prove itself sensitive (and when nessecary, responsive) to community needs and aspirations” (Tymson & Sherman, 1996)
Guess who finally started doing some of her tech work today? PR is actually reaaaaaally interesting. But there’s SO much reading to do. And I have like five tree’s worth of Mass Com IIA, which sux to my asthma. From next week on in, I have an assement or essay every single week. Arrrrrrrrrggggggg. I knew there was a bad side to education.

I fell asleep today in my mass com lecture, just briefly. Since I had an hour free after that, i went up to the Whanau room, and laid down over some of the low chairs. Neil was sitting next to my head, playing a guitar, but somehow I still managed to have a catnap. Actually the guitar was kinda soothing, in a loud way. And I napped again once I finally got home from tech. I say finally because I waited like a half an hour to catch a 500 bus with Shirley, when there were at least 3 400s I could have taken before then.

Tracey came around tonight, which was really cool cos I haven’t seen or talked her since like early November. She’s the lovely kindhearted soul that I stayed with for nearly three weeks at the start of last year, when I was friendless and homeless. I’d only met her once before I rang her up going “hi it’s Joanna – can I stay with you?” She was like “who?” so I had to re-introduce myself as Astrid (irc nick). And yet, she put me up for half a week no questions asked, and then invited me to stay two more weeks since I couldn’t move into my flat straight away. Just as well really, cos there was the whole power crisis thing and I’d been planning on staying in a hostel in Central Auckland. So yes, she’s a life saver. She rocks. She’s awesome. And I thought she’d dropped off the face of the planet, cos she gave up chat, and so did I. But yay, obviously she hasn’t. Aweeesome.

Um. Sorry, that’s really about it all, eh. I so so so can’t wait until Easter Break. Wanna go hommmmmmmmmmmmme. Wanna see Jooooooooooo. Wanna see my siiiiiiiisters. Wanna see my paaaaaarents. Wanna see Welllllllington.

Clayton was singing “build me up buttercup” on the bus this morning going into tech. Simon was muttering “fat boy slim is fucking in heaven”. I had both in my head all day long. I hate them both. That sucked to my asthma too.

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