I had a really good day today

Wednesday 10; March, 1999

“Have I mentioned that I want to move to NZ? Yeah. That’ll happen right after England and Fiji and the hundreds of other places I say “oh yeah…I wanna go there” about. I want to be more than Joanna’s lesbian cyber slut in the whole soap opera that they have going. I plan on taking the right hand side of Joanna’s bed. As long as she’s cleaned it since it was vomited on. I might even tell her about my plans one day. Bugger it. She’ll read this eventually.”


“I’m not whoring you out – I just want those cds”

People are too good to me, aren’t they?

I spent a large portion of my day watching the news. First at 9am in TV Production Tutorial, we did analysis of TV One news from last week. I felt kinda outta touch, knowing so little about the whole Ugandan thing. But fuck it was tacky of them to screen a pre-recorded story showing the victim’s families saying how they hoped to see them soon, and then afterwards saying again that there were Kiwi casualties.

After that I went to the library with Shirley, who was starting on her PR assignment, but I had none of my notes or anything so I went to the library computer lab instead where I froze to death under the airconditioning, contact lenses drying up and curling in my eyes. That’s where I first read Kini’s fantastic little journal entry that made everyone give me dirty looks cos I was laughing in a room full of silent robots. Then after mucking around with Sisi for a while (we were supposed to go see the band Mary, but then we didn’t) I went to do the viewing for my TV Prod Essay with Shirley, which was comparing channel one and channel three news. But I had to leave that, to go meet up with people at the uni bar.

Shadows was really amusing. It was like, huge, and yeah – not classy. The music they were playing was really funny, because it was all so 1994. But hey, that’s cool. It was good music, just a little outdated. So I hung out there for two hours, yakking away. It would have been nice to get tiddly, but all I could afford was one stoli. Stink huh?

Anyways, I missed an hour of my Radio Production tutorial, cos I figured it’d be boring, just going over Talkback shows yet again – and I was pretty much right. I took the bus home with Simon, who was fully silent, and just not a happy boy at all. Everyone was out in the evening, which was cool. Clayton went out with Gail, Leyton went to the library or something (to be honest, who cares?) and Sisi went to visit his cousin. So I watched Shorters (and had a teary moment when Ellen and David snogged at the end – YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and Friends. There was some AWFUL movie on with Tori Spelling in it, which I watched through the banister briefly while on ICQ. I talked to Jo’s friend Jimi, who was at her house, and so they decided to call me. Which was very very cool. YAAAAAAAAAAAY less than three weeks till I see her. Oh fuck, I’d better pay the phone bill reaaaally soon. (Speaking of dates, you see)

Then Si came home, and he’d already had like four beers, so he decided we had to drink. Trouble is, there was no decent alcohol in the house. He had heiniken, but I don’t do beer, and all else we had was white wine. It was a vile Rhine Reisling too. So needless to say, I didn’t get drunk. But that’s okay. Because hey – you don’t need alcohol to have a good time. Not when you have the internet anyways. Hugs, not drugs and all of that.


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