not lurking in the shadows

Friday 12; March, 1999

“I just think you guys need to hurry up and get it on coz its getting on my nerves 🙂 ”

Matt S
I just about died today, because the bouncer at Shadows wouldn’t let me in. That was heeeeeeeinous man! I’m so not used to being denied, especially when I do have (admittedly dodgy) fake ID. So I very ashamededly rang matt up on his cellie and he sent Thomas out to talk to me.

We sat around outside for a while, until he had to hide from the sun, so then we went up to the craccum offices and talked to Matt for a while. It was hot, but not as hot as yesterday. The office was a fucking pigstye, and it’s so hard to believe they manage to put out a newspaper – oh sorry – magazine every week. Especially when the staff seem to spend most of their lives in Shadows. Matt and Thomas tried to convince me that Si will never get our computer network going, but I’m just going to stay out of that one. I’m a girl. Girls know nothing about computers.

Then I went home. Home is boring because Sisi is out and Leyton is lurking around. However, I watched Shortland Street (awwww david and ellen are such cuties) and ate dinner, which was nice. There are an awful lot of dishes piled up in our sink, but given that I wasn’t home for dinner last night, I don’t feel much responsibility towards them. Shirley is coming around soon (like ten minutes ago) so that I can feed her. Her student allowance still hasn’t come through, and they have no food in their house. We, on the other hand, have lots of food, and she’s welcome to it. I also have lots of red wine that I feel an overpowering urge to drink. So it’ll be good not to have to drink alone. Kate might be coming over at 11.30pm tonight when she finishs work, but she tends to flake out. Ah well. Here’s my journal up, super early for y’all.


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