fricking essay

Tuesday 23; March, 1999

“What makes a person a bogan?” Leyton

“Clare just rocks, her persistent mobile calling keeps me looking cool when i’m out and about”

Joanna (with a little bit of scriptwriting help from Clare)
This makes three out of three Mass Communication lectures that I’ve found myself nodding off in. Shirley wacked me a couple of times, but my head kept slipping onto my hands, and my eyes kept closing. I don’t get it, eh. I mean, the lecture is no more boring than the others, and they are quite structured. Maybe it’s the lack of overheads to copy, or maybe it’s the guy’s voice. Actually, i think that’s what it is. It’s kinda soothing, in a gruff grandfatherly sort of a way.

So yeah, after that sleepiness, I decided that I would skip my mass comm tutorial, and work on my essay. I had a brief rumage through the AIT library, but I can never find anything there, so I went to the town one. Well, I found stuff there, but unfortunatly, someone else had found it all first, and checked it out too – wankers. So that sucked majorly. So I went up to the 14th floor computer lab in the state insurance (fuck i HATE those elevators – so goddam slow) and sat down to work there. I’m so easily distracted. Please everyone send me email to . Thanks. I love you long time.

So I worked there – sort of – for a couple of hours, until Shirley came along and whisked me away to Macdonalds – hey – I had vouchers. And we had a good chat/gossip, and yeah, it was nifty.

PR Tutorial wasn’t so nifty though. We were working in groups to write press releases, and I ended up with Peter, Andrew, Nigel and Derek. Now, I like all of them, and count them as my friends, but today it just really sucked. Like, they were very quick to pick up on the fact that I was the only girl, and harrassed the shit out of me about it. It was funny for the first five minutes. An hour of it nearly had me in tears. I mean, I know that they were only kidding, but to have them diss all my ideas because I was a girl, or to ignore my suggestions was incredibly frustrating. When they started to realise it was bugging me, they sorta behaved a bit better. It just made my afternoon really sour though, cos it was such a horrible experiance.

So when I came home I napped instead of working on my assignment. I was quite upset. Clayt woke me up to ask if he could use my computer, which I didn’t mind, because his moniter is all fuzzy. But then I had the brilliant idea that he should use Si’s moniter, and that was acclaimed all around. Kate rang at 6 asking if she could come over and watch Shortland Street at our house, because their TV seemed to be broken. Of course I said yes, but when I rang her at 7, it was working again. Clayt, Si and I got pizza for dinner, because we have like absolutely no food in our house. Leyton was so hinting that he wanted some, so I ignored his unsubtleties. He just bugs the shit outta me, man, like SO much. After Si and Clayt had gone to Hockey practice, he was just lurking around, watching some sci-fi shit on television, which meant I so couldn’t focus on my essay. Once he’d finally gone into the kitchen to do only his dishes, I put OK Computer on. After asking who they were (“oh yeah, this guy has quite a weird voice doesn’t he?”) and he was like “are you quite into them?” yeah duh. So I said they were like my favourite band, and he goes “You said Placebo were your favourite”. AAAAAAAAAAARGGGGGGG why does he even bother trying to make conversation? I’m SO tempted just to kick him out.

I spent the rest of the evening trying to do my essay, without much luck at all. I got kind of distracted. It happens to me too much. Goddam Freecell. Too fucking addictive. When Si came home, we did the dishes from like the past two days (which didn’t take too long cos I’d pre-rinsed and stacked them) and he teased me, so called him fickle. But it’s just not fun when he agrees with me. I should really be nice to him though – he has drugs after all.

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