gladeye over the dinner table

Sunday 21; March, 1999

“stop giving me the gladeye, dammit!”
It was one of those days again when friends ran my life for me. I had to get up at 7.30am to wake up the Hammy girls so they could get back down in time for Andee to go to work. So I like, stumbled out of bed, went into the lounge and grumbled at them, then crashed back into bed. I napped for a half an hour or so more before they left, and wouldn’t even get out of bed to hug them – they had to come to me.

Then later, at like 11am, I had to get out of bed cos Kate rang for me. She told me that me and Sisi were going on a picnic with her for dinner that night. So okay, choice. I decided if Clayt came too, we could pay for the required food out of the kitty money, so I invited him along.

Then Shirley came over, and it was all fun and games on the internet, trying to help her do her PR, when I hadn’t even started mine. But she brought me a chocolate pirate easter bunny, so I forgave her. And she took me to the supermarket (“I don’t know why but I had to start it somewhere – so it started….. there” and all that). And I bought foodage. Then she dropped me off back home, and I made a gorgeous salad and baked a fantastic peach-sour cream cake.

Once the lads got home from Hockey practice and were ready, we went off to Ponsonby. I walked in through Kate’s bedroom, nearly having the shit scared outta me cos there was a guy sitting at her computer – but I realised that it was Daniel, Theresa’s “downs brother” so I introduced myself and breezed on through. Kate, Mareissa and Theresa had decided to flag the notion of a picnic (since it was nearly 8pm and dark, daylight savings having just ended). Besides, their house is very classy, and there was a candelabra on the table. So we had pulled out the extensions and had our picnic at the dinner table – making it a dinner party, even.

It was sooooooooo civilsed, apart from the conversations. But we were in hysterics all night, apart from when they were all ganging up on me, which they did frequently. I asked Kate in private to please stop it, and she agreed. Anyways, for dinner we had the large mesculin salad that I made, fresh bread that we brought, and the other people had sausages (which I dissed) and potato salad (with egg in it ewwww). That got washed down with white wine – yeah, I know I’ve sworn never to drink white again, especially not with Kate and Theresa, but this at least was more classy cos it was from a bottle, and it was saviougn blanc which I so can’t spell.

Desert rocked especially, because we had the gorgeous cake I made, which was still fresh, and caramalised bananas and cream and chocolate sauce. Then we had coffee that Theresa had stolen from her work, and lots and lots of chocolate covered coffee beans. Big mistake. I was still awake at 4.30am. Arrrrg! But goddam, they’re good!

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