Thursday 25; March, 1999

“be careful” – Jo
I do like thursdays, because I get to sleep in on them. Only today, I didn’t sleep in so late – I got up around 10 to finish my essay. Well, not finish it so much as put references in. The sucky thing about thursdays though is that Leyton comes home around noon, so I don’t get to enjoy the house all to myself before my 2pm class.

But hey, I left at one so I didn’t have to put up with his lurkingness for all that long. I dropped my essay off in the box – and goddam that felt good. Even though it was basically a real piece of shit but oh well.

In TV Prod workshop, we were doing ummmm I forget what it’s called now, but we were shooting little action scenes that you cut together to save time. I was working with Nigel and Peter, and it worked out really well. You see, Nigel is going to be a TV major, so he took the camera, Peter wants to be a radio major, so he did sound, and I’m vain as fuck, so I got filmed. They filmed me booting up the editing system. Nigel kept getting me to rehearse putting the tape in the player and I got grumpy until Peter pointed out that Nigel was actually just trying to frame the shot while pretending that he was perfect. Our tutor Julian laughed at my head shots, of me apparently reacting to what I saw on the monitor. I guess that’s fair enough.

After class, Brad, Andrew and Nigel showed me part of their video from their trip to Australia that they’re editing together. It was really amusing, in an IceTV sorta way. It’s just scary how wholesome they are. After Brad and Andrew had gone, I hung around a bit longer until the air conditioning made me too cold, talking to Nig. You see, he’s in my group for both my TV prod and PR assignments, so I figure I should start to get on better with him. I mean, it’s stupid to still be bitter about my birthday party last year. Yes a large part of my tutorial are wholesome, and have judged me in the past, but I shouldn’t judge them back. So there.

Then I went up to Uni cos I thought I would be nice and proofread Craccum, but I found the office all locked up. So I figured everyone would be at shadows or down on the quad drinking beer with all the larrikans, and I decided that actually, i couldn’t be bothered hanging around. Besides, Sisi has drugs now, so I don’t need the craccum people for that either (hey man – fair exchange is no robbery) so I went to take a bus home. I found Shirley at the bus stop, so that was cool. This weird guy sitting in front of us started evesdropping on our conversation, and joining in. But he was largely incoherrant, and so yeah – we were relieved when he got off the bus. Shirley was just laughing her head off, cos I’m such a freak magnet.

I walked home in the rain but I didn’t mind too much. Simon and I did the supermarket shopping in the evening, and decided that we really want Leyton to move out. Si’s going to check that his friend still wants to move in, I wanna meet them first, and then we’ll ask Clayt how he’d feel about evicting Leyton. I feel a bit stink, but why should I have to live with someone that I’m not comfortable with who ruins the karma of the whole place?

I had a headache in the evening and I felt kinda weirded out and para because of comments Jo made and shit, so I rang Andee for a great big long talk, which was good. Her, Amy and Ren are coming up for the weekend. Godbless second lines. And godbless bittersweet dark Richfields chocolate. Please feel free to bring it to me anytime you like. And if you can hunt me up Lady Godiva chocolate truffles, there’s not a thing I wouldn’t let you do to me.


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